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Kaleidoscopic Shoe and Flower Art and Photography

Remember our past post about flowers as fireworks?  The spectacular images for that particular collaborative project with artist Sarah Illenberger were captured by German photographer, Sabrina Rynas  This time she is back with another visually stunning collaboration with Natalia Reichert, a fashion editor and stylist.  Sabrina explained how it began, “We let ourselves inspired by emblems and we tried to combine my favorite two things flowers and shoes!”

sabrina rynas shoe montage series 3

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The Selfie Spoon Takes Food Photography to a New Level!

You might cringe.  You might slap your forehead. Or you might laugh and consider it plain wierd. But there is really such a Selfie Spoon!  It’s supposed to help you take food photography to a new level! The idea is you can photograph yourself eating your favorite food, which for many, is cereal!

selfie spoon 1

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Spilled Food Art and Photography by Giulia Bernardelli

Italian artist, Giulthosia Bernardelli‘s creativity isn’t limited to traditional media. She replaced those with edibles in her delightful spilled food art series. She exercises her creativity each day by turning coffee, honey, flour, chocolate, popcorn and other food items into intricate illustrations.

spilled food art  11

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Android Ninja Snap App Tricks Your Snoopy Friends

Don’t you just hate it when you hand your friend your phone to show them a picture.  The next thing you know, they they are swiping through your entire photo album without asking! So if you want to trick the nosy parkers in your crowd, check out the free Ninja Snap app on Google play.  Instead of seeing your private photos, they will be shown their own selfies instead.


ninja snap app 2

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Whimsical Illustrations Painted with Coffee Grounds

“Save the earth, it’s the only planet with coffee!” says Ghidaq al-Nizar, an Indonesian based artist.  It’s not because he loves coffee so much as he has a remarkable art project called Coffeetopia on Instagram. His whimsical illustrations are all painted with leftover coffee grounds. This is also what he calls “zero based coffee”!

coffeetopia art 3

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G!GA Selfie – Tourism Australia Offers Gigantic Selfie Service

Let’s face it.  We might deplore the selfie stick but we still like to take selfies anyway. Especially at scenic spots.  The G!GA selfie is Australia Tourism’s clever way to allow people to take selfies of themselves AND the beautiful scenery behind them.

giga selfie -scenery selfie

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Whimsical Embroidered Animal Art by Chloe Giordano

British artist Chloe Giordano is an illustrator who expresses her beautiful art form with needle and thread rather than with brush and paint.  She creates her whimsical embroidered animal art with by meticulously layering many colors of sewing thread. This technique, to no surprise, is called needle painting.

chloe giordano_embroidered illustrations_bird 1

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Super Adaptable Everyday Messenger Bag is Not Just for Cameras

Why have a bag for camera equipment and another for other things? That’s just inconvenient and bulky. Enter the adaptable Everyday Messenger Bag by Peak Design. This totally redesigned bag not only houses cameras and photography accessories but can be used for other possessions.  All the things you need in your daily life is housed in a slick, stylish bag. It  expands or slims down depending on how much is stored in it.

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Whimsical Felted Animal Bookmarks by CozyMilArt

Book lovers will adore Milena Veleva of CozyMilArt‘s whimsical felted animal bookmarks.  These tiny hand crafted creatures will not only mark progress on the book but will bring warm smiles to faces.  Who wouldn’t love the little mouse sitting on the book with his tail stuck between the pages?  Even his book is made from real paper.  A lovely little quiet companion indeed!

felted animal bookmarks 1

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