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GoFish Cam Lets Fishermen Capture the Underwater Action

GoFish is a new underwater camera specifically designed to help avid fishermen capture the underwater action. Brothers, Ryan and Brandon Austin want to bring the thrill of fishing to a whole different perspective and are seeking funding on their Kickstarter project.

gofish cam 5

goFish cam 1

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Tiny Hand Blown Glass Receptacles by Kiva Ford

Kiva Ford is a professional scientific glass blower. He creates custom glass ware for scientists so they can conduct specific experiments. Making such hand blown glass ware requires precision and vast experience in this highly skilled craft. He also applies the same skill and techniques for his artistic endeavors such as his tiny hand blown glass receptacles collection.

Kiva glass miniatures 8

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KFC Romania’s Clever Tray Liners Lets You Take Fakation Photos!

KFC Romania launched a brilliant ad campaign using their new and clever tray liners. These lets you take fakation photos. You don’t actually have to go away to be able to share great pictures of your “trips”! The idea is simple. Just use the tray liners as the exotic backgrounds you want to use to troll your friends!

kfc fakation A

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Tiny Pantone Matching Series by Green Ink Studio

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a useful tool for graphic designers like Texas based Inka Mathew of Green Ink Studio.  It is a means to check exact color matches for the production phase of her work.  But the PMS is not just about work.  Her delightful personal project on her Instagram shows off her Tiny PMS Matching series where she finds exact color matches with small everyday objects.

pantone matching photography_10

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Can I Bring My Selfie Stick- Check this Site before You Visit any Attraction

Love them or hate them, selfie sticks can be useful in taking pictures at tourist attractions.  They help you avoid that awkward arms length effect. It also saves you from having to ask total strangers to take your photo, not always with successful results. However, they can be a real menace at some attractions. So if you are a fan of selfie sticks, it pays to check with Can I Bring My Selfie Stick before you travel and see if a particular place bans them. Or if you really dislike them, find a selfie stick-free spot!

can i bring my selfie stick 1

The site gives succinct answers – Yes or No- to dozens of popular attractions around the world.  There is no search box. Instead users can find the attraction either through an A-Z list, by location or by type of attraction.  It’s no surprise to see museums with precious artifacts and art work banning selfie sticks entirely.  Some of the theme parks do allow them but for safety reasons, not on rides.

can i bring my selfie stick 2

Can I Bring My Selfie was created by the online ticket company, The company hopes to expand the listing in the future by allowing  users and other attractions submit new locations.

can i bring my selfie stick 3

Via Digital Trends

Food and Fashion Illustrations and Photography

Fashion illustrator, Gretchen Roehrs plays a lot with her food. What she does is sketch fashion models wearing fruit and vegetables! Her delightful art is a riot of color and frills due to her clever placement of the edible components so they resemble bodices, skirts and pants!

fashion and food photography_3

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The Super Small Bottle Cap Tripod

It just isn’t possible to remember to bring a small tripod with you every single time you leave the house.  Even if you did, they do still take up room.  Well, the super small Bottle Cap Tripod available over at Photojojo is so tiny, it could easily fit into a pocket.
bottle cap tripod

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Miniature Art and Photography by Dina Brodsky

Dina Brodsky is a New York based artist who has managed to combined two of passions – one for miniature paintings and the other for long distance cycling. She started her Cycling Guide to Lilliput collection earlier this year which is distilled from “sketchbooks, photographs and memories I have accumulated over the last 10 years of cycling adventures.”

dina brodsky miniature paintings 1_irish castle

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