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This Selfie Drone Flies and Follows You

Drones are without a doubt a hot trend in the camera world.  But they are often complex to use and require practice.  Lily is a robotic flying camera which simplifies this function and makes it easy for anyone to use it. Just throw it into the air and this selfie drone flies and follows you via a tracking device you wear.   There is no controller and thus no fiddly manual controls to worry about.  Both the drone and the tracking device are waterproof.

lily camera drone

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Whimsical Landscape and Cityscape Bookmark Art

Tokyo based British designer Duncan Shotton aims to create products which engage users. He accomplishes this with his whimsical landscape and cityscape bookmark art. These photographs show that his bookmark art are not only functional but they add a touch of humor to what is a mundane task.

landscape bookmark art 1

New York Sticky Bookmark Art

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Google’s DreamScope App Turns Your Photos into Surreal Art

Google’s research on artificial neural networks aims to improve image classification and speech recognition. They train these neural networks with literally millions of examples. But they also used simple techniques to visualize how these networks learn.  They then wondered,  “whether neural networks could become a tool for artists—a new way to remix visual concepts—or perhaps even shed a little light on the roots of the creative process in general.”  The  DeepDream code they developed has just been released to the public to play with as the Dreamscope web app .  What it does is to turn your photos into surreal art.

spring flower s

Botanical Dimensions

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Coffee Stain Monsters Art and Photography

Most coffee drinkers love their cup of java. They enjoy the drink and get the buzz from the caffeine But Stephan of The Coffee Monsters not only enjoys coffee but he also creates coffee stain monster art!

coffee stain monster_1

It all started back in 2011 when he accidentally spilt coffee on paper. He noticed the stain resembled a little monster so he drew on it. The following day, he thought, “Well, I could do it daily, just to be creative every day.So I took a spoon and spilled some coffee on paper.”

coffee stain monster_2

What looked like a strange preoccupation has since spawned almost 500 of these coffee stain monsters. Stephan draws cute ones, silly ones and some evil monsters. He also adds little stories about his creations. All in all a whimsical collection which delights his growing audience.

coffee stain monster_3

Check up on the latest coffee stain monster happening on Facebook. You can purchase his prints over on Society6.

coffee stain monster_4

coffee stain monster_5

coffee stain monster_6

coffee stain monster_7

coffee stain monster_8

coffee stain monster 9

coffee stain monster 10

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Organizing Your Photo Library with PicJoy

We take thousands and thousands upon photos now capturing digital shots is so easy not to mention cheaper than in the old film camera days. But let’s face it, our photo collections are usually a mess. So organizing your photo library with an app like PicJoy might be the solution. What this app does is to apply a unique auto tagging system so you can find photos quickly by different criteria such as date, location, weather, season, event, nearby landmarks and so on.

picjoy A

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A Marvel World Art and Photography from Everyday Things

A gift for drawing, a highly creative mind and a fondness for all things Marvel led Vietnamese freelance artist, Nguyen Quang Huy (Draw4Fun) , to come up with his unique superhero collection. What he created was a Marvel World art collection featuring everyday things with a Vietnamese twist!

marvel world spiderman

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PocketSKATER2 is a Portable Camera Doily!

Want the smooth action a camera doily brings to your videography but hate the bulkiness? Then check out the portable camera doily, PocketSKATER2 from Edelkrone, the camera accessory company. It is so small it can easily be put into a pocket.  The PocketSKATER weighs in at 1 lb and is an extremely flexible accessory for both smartphones and regular cameras.

pocket skater portable camera doily 2

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Adorable Ceramic Animal Planters by CumbucaChic

Brazilian sculptor and potter, Priscilla Ramos says, “Creating ceramic cuteness is my ultimate goal.”    She has clearly succeeded judging from the adorable ceramic animal planters on her site, CumbucaChic.  Foxes, whales, birds, anteaters and not suprisingly capybaras which are native to South America, all serve as her inspirations.

ceramic animal planters_owl 2

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Pocket Size DXO-One Pairs with iPhone for DSLR Quality Photography

Ever crave to have dSLR quality photographs but without having to lug a heavy camera around? You will soon be able to satisfy that need with the pocket size DXO-One camera. This nifty camera weighs only a few ounces but oh so cleverly pairs with the iPhone to deliver both superior photography and easy connectivity.

dxo-one 1

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Shattered Porcelain Shards Art Sculptures

Israeli artist Zemer Peled works with porcelain. Her unusual artform result from her meticulously piecing together deliberately broken pieces of ceramic to form her shattered porcelain shards art. The surreal nature inspired work are beautifully captured in her photographs.

She says “My work examines the beauty and brutality of the natural world. My sculptural language is formed by surrounding landscapes and nature, and engages with themes of memories, identity, and place. Sculptures and installations consist of thousands of hand-crafted porcelain shards, a technique that yields a texture both delicate and severe.”

ceramic porcelain shards art sculptures 3

Her work has been featured internationally at various galleries and museums.

ceramic porcelain shards art sculptures 5

ceramic porcelain shards art sculptures b

ceramic porcelain shards art sculptures 4

ceramic porcelain shards art sculptures 1

ceramic porcelain shards art sculptures c

ceramic porcelain shards art sculptures 6


ceramic porcelain shards art sculptures 8

ceramic porcelain shards art sculptures 9

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