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Camlet Mount Connects Mobile Devices to DSLR Cameras for Control and Internet Connectivity

The Camlet Mount is an innovative and secure adaptor which allows photographers to connect any mobile device – smartphones or tablets – to dSLR cameras for easier control.  That marriage has powerful advantages.  Firstly, the screen size is increased for easier manipulation of the camera’s settings and functions. Yet, the camera’s own screen and controls are not overridden. These still operate as normal.

camlet mount A1

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Love Your Modahaus? Then Let Us Feature What You Photograph!

We know there are many happy and talented Modahaus photo studio and steady stand owners out there.  These units help you capture what you love to create.  If you have spent hours and hours coming up with unique art, design, crafts, then it makes sense to take awesome pictures of the final product. So if you love your Modahaus, let us know.  We would love to feature what you photograph and send some link love your way.

sammunat nepal taking product pictures

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Photostrips – Giant Photobooth Style Prints for Your Wall

Social Print Studio is a small San Francisco company which offers print service for smartphone users including unique photostrips rather like those you get from traditional photobooths. The small ones which feature 4 photos in a row are great as bookmarks. But they also now offer giant photobooth style prints for the wall. These are 5 times larger than their normal sized photostrips – as they say, these are “photostrips on steroids”!

photostrips 1

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Amazing Insect Art from Recycled Circuit Boards

UK artist, Julie Alice Chappell’s collection called Computer Component Bugs is environmental art at its finest. She creates amazing insect art from recycled circuit boards and other waste electronic parts. Her work certainly brings our attention to “the ever increasing amounts of e-waste” out there. This is an ongoing  problem given the rapid growth in technology and our reliance on the latest gadgetry.

circuit board insect art 3

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Selfie Sticks for iPads? They Exist!

Many people chose to use their tablet cameras as these have become increasingly better in recent years. So it is practically inevitable that there are selfie sticks available for iPads! Accessory Geeks have an adjustable selfie stick which can accomodate either smartphones or tablets.  The stick comes with a special attachement head which fits tablet sizes up to an iPad 2 or iPadAir 2.

selfie stick for iPads

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Paper Mask Art and Photography by Mlle Hipolyte

Mlle Hipolyte is an illustrator and paper designer. This artist’s collection of 3D animal masks make for a delightful photographic series. Mlle Hipolyte says, “I like working on animalistic designs, because they are very inspiring in their diversity.” Adding, “The paper is a very good material, it allows me to play with colors and shapes.”

paper mask 1

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Overhead photography remote control guide

Available in wholesale minimum quantities of 25 units upwards for new distributors and academic/corporate organisations. Email for further details.

Overhead photography remote control with the Rostrum Camera Stand is an incredibly effective and efficient workflow for stills photography and video footage and helps users produce fantastic image quality using smartphones, tablets and all styles of cameras.

overhead photography remote control guide

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Memory Clock – Keeps Time and Displays Photographic Memories

Memory Clock is so much more than just a digital picture frame. It is a clock which tells time AND displays photographic memories. The little house shaped clock cycles through photographs. On any given day, the photographs which were taken on the same day from past years will be shown. For example, a child’s important milestones – first smile, first time walking and first birthday party – and other treasured memories as birthdays and anniversaries can be displayed on the Memory Clock.

memory clock 1

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Beautiful Alphabet Illustrations and Photography by Kyson Dana

Kyson Dana is a brand designer working in San Francisco.  He also happens to be a new Dad.  His son, Theo was born in 2014.  It was little Theo who inspired him to create his beautiful alphabet illustrations.  He explained, “I wanted to create something new for my son, something that he could someday look at and be proud of his dad. I was so sick of looking at terribly illustrated baby books that decided it was time to create my own artwork that I could compile into an alphabet book.”

Kyson Dana alphabet illustration 9

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Amazing Hand Blown Glass Animals by Scott Bisson

Oregon glass artist, Scott Bisson of Quantum Creative Glass, became passionate about glass when he was still in his teens. Today, he is known for his extraordinary craftmanship in his chosen field, creating amazing hand blown glass animals.

scott bisson_glass octopus 1

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