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Please support our Kickstarter for the New Rostrum Camera Stand!

One of the most popular requests we receive for a new product is for an overhead camera support for shooting larger objects.  We heard you loud and clear!  After six months of  design, prototype, sleep, repeat  we have come up with a 21st century take of the Rostrum Camera Stand for high quality overhead stills images and videography – and it’s fully portable!. With your help and support for our Kickstarter project, we hope to get the Rostrum Camera Stand into production and into your hands! We don’t want you to miss out on our awesome ‘Early Bird Specials’.



rostrum camera stand (1)

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Disposable App Lets You Shoot and Print Photos with No Retakes

Let’s face it. Most of us in the digital age rarely if ever print any pictures. We are also rather complacent about how we take pictures. Don’t like a picture? Delete. This is so unlike the film photography era when we had to try and get the picture right before snapping it. Photojojo’s Disposable App aims to bring back that nostalgia and discipline plus give us a physical as opposed to a digital record of our experiences.

disposable app 1

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Antique Ring Box Art and Photography by Talwst

Some years ago, Canadian-Trinidadian artist, Talwst was challenged by a Paris street vendor to make something of a vintage ring box. The first thing he did was to make a tiny diorama of a woman coming out of the sea.   He has been creating such antique ring box art ever since.   His inspirations come from many sources – current events, pop culture and even quaint country scenes.

Talwst_jewelry box diorama 1

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Life Portrait Uses Augmented Reality to Bring Pictures to Life!

Photographs in high school year books. photo albums and so on are just that, photographs. They don’t really convey how the person talks or speaks nor do they giveaway any essence of the person’s personality. But Life Portrait hopes to change all that because they use augmented reality to bring pictures to life!

live portrait 1

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Fun 3D Drawings with Everyday Objects by Victor Nunes

Victor Nunes has both a sense of humor and a lot of creativity.  This illustrator delights thousands of his fans with his fun 3D drawings with everyday objects.  Anything from half eaten cookies to rubber bands, forks, scissors, seeds and even baby pacifiers!  Nothing escapes his notice.

victor nunes faces 4

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Free Small Steady Stand with Every Modahaus Purchase!

Sorry – All gone now. Hey, we have this great offer running right now on our most popular bundle!

ts400-ss300 free ship promo upright



We thought we had given away all of the SS100CC, the discontinued steady stand.  But we found more tucked away in our warehouse!  So each of these in this last lot is also free with every purchase of any Modahaus unit.  When, they are gone, they are GONE!

modahaus free offer

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Whimsical Cat Inspired Sweets by Laura and Caroline

Cats rule the internet, or so it appears.  The feline cuteness is irresistable. They are especially popular in Japan. Japanese blogger and web designer, Laura adores her domestic short haired ginger cat, Apelila – so much so she makes whimsical cat inspired sweets. She shares photographs of the delicious treats on the blog she co-authors with her mother Caroline.

cat sweets 1

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Divoom’s Bluetune Bean Portable Speaker also Doubles as Shutter Release

Hanging out with friends just got more fun. The latest version of Divoom’s Bluetune Bean, a portable Bluetooth speaker, can also function as a remote shutter release. So no more fumbling awkwardly for the volume rocker switch on skinny little cables whenever the mood for selfies arises! The only drawback is an arm or a selfie stick is still required!

divoom bluetune

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3D Lettering Art and Photography by Tolga Girgin

Tolga Girgin is an electrical and electronics engineer based in Eskişehir, Turkey.  He is also a gifted calligraphy artist, graphic designer.  His Instagram is a delightful collection of beautiful lettering accomplished with a range of special calligraphy tools called parallel pens as well as brush pens and pencils.

3D calligraphy 9

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