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When Cats become Instagram Photographers!

As if there aren’t enough cat videos and pictures already on the internet.  In a clever twist, the Australian division of Whiskas, the cat food company, have launched a fun promo campaign which allows humans to see what felines see as they go about their day.  Catstacam is a wearable camera which captures images from the cat’s point of view. What’s more, the cats become instagram photographers as their pictures are posted on the popular site!

catstagram main

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Amazing Origami Dinosaur Art by Adam Tran

Adam Tran (Trung Hieu) is a Vietnamese chemistry teacher as well as an origami artist.  He designs and folds a wide range of dinosaurs as wells as other creatures.  His amazing origami dinosaur art sculptures are extraordinary for a number of reasons.  He folds not just the dinosaurs but also their skeletal forms as well.

adam tran dinosaur 6

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Picattoo Turns Your Instagrams into Temporary Tattoos

Remember Boomf?  It was a service which turned your instagrams into marshmallow treats.  But what if you’d rather not add to your calorie intake but still want to show off your snaps?  Picatto
turns your instagrams into temporary tattoos! The service also works for your Facebook and own photographs.

picattoo 1

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Flowerworks – Flowers as Fireworks Art and Photography

At first glance these images might seem like fireworks.  But they are really pictures of flowers in a remarkable collection called Fireworks by Sarah Illenberger in collaboration with photographer Sabrina Rynas.  Sarah Illenberger, a Berlin based multidisplinary artist specializes in taking seemingly ordinary subjects and transforming the way we look at them.

flowers as firework 1

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This 3D Printer Can Cook a Selfie Pancake!

Remember the selfie toaster?  Well, there is now the potential of seeing your selfie portrait in pancakes too. The concept for this fun 3D printer idea was dreamed up research innovators at the UK-based design company, Kinnier Dufort. What they did was worked out a way of delivering batter at different times in specific areas and layers so the final cooked pancake shows the desired image.

selfie pancake printer 1

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Illustrated Fun Photography by Christoph Nieman

German born artist and illustrator, Christoph Nieman, is not exactly a household name, but his work can be seen on the covers of many magazines such as  the New Yorker , Newsweek and Wired.  In addition, he is a visual columnist for the New York Times. He has also created Google Doodles and is the author and illustrator of  several children’s books. He is, in short, a masterful visual storyteller.

christoph nieman_A

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Dubble : Social Media App for Sharing Double Exposures

Sharing photographs on social media is all the rage. But Dubble, an iPhone app takes the sharing and the social media to a whole new level.  It lets users combine photos from their camera phones or with another from the community. The software then puts together the two images for a unique double exposure composition. Pleasing results can be saved or the process is repeated to get another remix.

dubble 1

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Whimsical Banana Art by Stephan Brusche

Dutch artist Stephan Brusche uses bananas as his canvas for his highly imaginative fruitdoodle series. He probably likes other fruit but he particular favors the banada for his whimsical banana art.  He takes full advantage of the banana’s shape, peel and soft drawing surface for his delightful renditions.

banana art 1

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