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Modahaus Clearance Sale! Free Macro Stand and Other Ways to Save

Sorry, all gone now. Hey, we now have this great offer on for a limited period on our most popular bundle and the SS300 Kit includes the  new, more versatile model SS100 that replaced the discontinued SS100CC.

ts400-ss300 free ship promo upright


We announced our free offer over on social media a couple of days ago.  Yes. Free. The discountinued macro steady stand (SS100CC) will ship with every order while quantities last.  They are going and going fast. So get yours before they all go.

modahaus free offer

These small stands are ideal for photographing small items like jewelry, postage stamps and other collectibles.

We also offer free shipping worldwide. But did you know about the 15% instant discount  for bundled products? The  pairings offer great flexibility and savings besides increasing versatility for your product photographic needs. There are 3 different combinations to choose from.   Check out the bundled offers here.


Group buys are also possible with attractive discounts for multiple orders of the same product.  Head on over to Modahaus and see!

Cats and Mice Historical Armor Art by Jeff de Boer

Canadian artist, Jeff de Boer, has created an extraordinary collection of cats and mice historical armor.  The beautifully crafted pieces evoke a surreal world where these traditional enemies fought kitted out in the warrior wear of different eras and places.

jeff de boer dragon cat 1

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Westcott Flex : Flexible and Portable LED Light Panel

All of us here at Modahaus are focused on portability and function.  So you can well imagine our appreciation for the Westcott Flex, a new flexible and portable LED light panel.  This impressive 10″ x 10″ lightweight mat weighs in at just 5 ounces or 150 g, yet it packs in an array of 166 LED diodes.   It comes in two versions, one tungsten, the other daylight.  The daylight model delivers a photometric rating of 1,900 lux at just over 3 ft or 1m.

westcott led light panel

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Needle Felted Bird Art by Felt Me Up Designs

Melanie Ann Green, a UK based artist, has a delightful craft store on Etsy called Felt Me Up Designs where she indulges in her passion for making needle felted bird art.  She makes her adorable little birds in different colors and photographs them in whimsical groups and settings.

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Handcrafted Eco Friendly Bamboo Grips for Stylish Camera Protection

We often associate camera accessories to be made in pretty much the same type of materials as the camera body.  But a company called J.B. Camera Designs has a range of bamboo grips which bucks the norm and offers many advantages.  The choice of bamboo means the grips are eco friendly, strong and still lightweight .  The grips also deliver plenty on style and ergonomics while fulfilling their primary function – protecting the cameras.

bamboo camera grips_taking pictures

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Amazing Paint Brush Portrait Art by Rebecca Szeto

Rebecca Szeto is a California based artist whose ability to see the potential in the most humble of canvases is truly astounding. Her amazing paintbrust portrait art had its beginnings in 1999 at a time when she was into decorative faux finishes. It was then that she realised she could not bear to throw out used materials so she started collecting them from job sites!

rebecca szeto_paintbrush sculpture A

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Moment Lens Now Offering New Case and App for better iPhoneography

A year ago the Moment Lens company successfully launched via Kickstarter their two lenses, a wide angle and telephoto, which enabled mobile photographers take better pictures. They have gone on to develop a case complete with shutter button and strap attachment for those lenses. They are seeking funding to take it into production.

moment case 4

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Painted Porcelain Sculptures by Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev

Ukrainian artists Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev may have stumbled on ceramics by chance but their collaborative effort is sublime. What they create are small exquisitely painted porcelain sculptures ranging from 5 to 40cm in size. They have been working together since around 2000.

painted porcelain sculptures 2

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