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Leatherman Thread Multi-Tool Bracelet for Photographers on the Go!

Photographers on the go already carry a lot of gear. Adding tools on top of the load doesn’t help. So what if you could wear an essential tool kit instead?  Leatherman, the US company known for its multi tool sets, is coming out with a unique multi-tool bracelet called the Thread, in late spring.  The bracelet is going to be a boon for anyone who spends time outdoors or are not able to access any workshop tools.

leatherman multitool bracelet 1

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Pen and Ink Doodle Art by Kerby Rosanes

Most of us have doodled at some point in our lives. But Philippines-based illustrator, Kerby Rosanes, takes doodling to a whole new level. His imaginative pen and ink work is highly detailed and mesmerizing to look at.  He can pretty well draw anything!

kerby rosanes doodle art E

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Rugged RAID – Tough, Secure Photo Storage on Dual Hard Drives

Photographers in the field need good storage devices to back up their data.  The images are too valuable to lose especially if there is no chance of ever repeating the photo shoots.  The Rugged Raid from the French computer product company, LaCie, offers more than just storage.  As its name implies, the backup drive is very rugged and suited for all terrain use.   It is water, dust and sand resistant and can survive a fall of 5 feet or 1 ton of pressure without any problems.

Rugged-Raid storage drive 1

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Quirky Inside Out Teddy Bears by Kent Rogowski

Teddy bears are childhood staples.  These cuddly toys are usually adorable – all fur and cuteness.  But Brooklyn based artist and photographer, Kent Rogowski, has given us a vastly different, yet still unconventionally charming, look at teddy bears. His Bears series portrays the plush toys after they had been turned inside out and restuffed!

Kent_Rogowski_inside out bears 1

The quirky inside out bears shows all the construction details which are not normally seeen. The bears no longer sport all over fur but the familiar material still peeks out at the seams. Their eyes are not quite right. Sometimes bits of stuffing are visible and so are uncut thread ends.

Kent_Rogowski_inside out bears 2

The artist explained,  “They are at once hideous yet cuddly, disturbing yet endearing, absurd yet adorable, while offering a metaphor for us all to consider. These bears, which have lived and loved and lost as much as their owners, have suffered and endured through it all. It is by virtue of revealing their inner core might we better understand our own.“

Kent_Rogowski_inside out bears 3

Kent_Rogowski_inside out bears 4

Kent_Rogowski_inside out bears 5

This photographic series is also  available as an art book.

All images are copyright of Kent Rogowski. Photographs used with permission.

Via Laughing Squid and My Modern Met

Polaroid’s New Line of Dash Cams

Dash cams are growing in popularity in both the US and in Canada. These onboard cameras do continuously looped recordings of the view of the road ahead.  The photographic evidence in the event of an accident a dash cam can provide is the biggest reason for that rise. Settling potential insurance disputes is another. So it is no wonder that the recently revitalized Polaroid company is entering this market.


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Photographs of What Mechanical Calculators Actually Look Like Inside

We take so much for granted the size of today’s pocket or palm sized calculators. The technology has advanced so much we no longer need the behemoths which were common place just a generation ago. Yet, those low tech devices have a certain nostalgia of their own.  San Francisco based commercial photographer Kevin Twomey‘s fascination for such mundane and outmoded objects resulted in his wonderful Low Tech and Calculators series.

mechanical calculator photography 3

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Live Blend App : Create Double Exposure Photos On Your iPhone in Real Time!

There are a number of double exposure apps available in iTunes which allows you to blend two images together.  But Liveblend is one app which allows you to create these photos on your iPhone in real time.  Serious creative fun!

liveblend app 1

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Recycled Steampunk Animal Sculptures by Igor Verniy

Russian artist, Igor Verniy makes amazing steampunk animal sculptures out of recycled materials as shown on his Facebook.  His delightfully created creatures are articulated with their movements carefully modeled along those of observed animals. The scraped materials vary – anything from old car or bicycle parts, clock movements – basically whatever he can find which fits his vision for each piece.

Igor verniy recycled steampunk sculptures ant

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The Parrot – Inexpensive Teleprompter Uses Your Smartphone

Teleprompters make the task easier for anyone using scripts as they have direct eye contact with the camera lens.  However, they are generally bulky and expensive.  The Parrot Teleprompter changes all that.  This compact and thus portable unit is a simple and clever combination of a hood which mounts onto a dSLR camera.  It uses a mirror system to project the text from a smartphone which sits on a tray under the hood.

parrot teleprompter

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