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Navdy – Car Dashboard Projector for Heads Up Phone App Displays

We all know it is dangerous to take one’s eyes off the road to look at your mobile phone. Yet that’s what we do even with hands free GPS units. What if we could see the display right in front of us so we can concentrate on the traffic? Navdy is a a new car dashboard projector for heads up phone app displays that does just that.

navdy 2

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Toilet Paper Roll Art Mask Photography

Could something as mundane as toilet paper rolls be used as art and in photography? They definitely could be as shown by the unique toilet paper roll art mask photography of French artist Junior Fritz Jacquet in collaboration with photographer,  Matthieu Gauchet.

Camu – Awesome New Photo Editing App with Fun Features

 Camu is a new photo editing app  for iPhones with a collection of fun features making it different from the others.  In many ways, the app makes the typical and popular photography processes simpler. For example choosing its great filters requires sideways swiping and the intensity of the filter is adjusted with up and down swiping.

camu app

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Soldiers’ Inventories – A Fascinating Look at Military Kits through the Ages

2014 begins the 4 year commemoration of World War I – the war that was supposed to end all wars.  However, it was not to be. War has been very much a part of human history.  Photographer Thom Atkinson‘s incredible still life series Soldiers’ Inventories surveys British military kits from the Norman conquest of 1066 to the present day conflicts in Afghanistan – a span of nearly a thousand years.

thom atkinson Soldiers' Inventories huscarl battle of hastings 1066

Huscarl (Household Trooper), Battle of Hastings, 1066

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Swich – Stylish and Sustainable Smartphone Charger

Smartphone chargers are not, by a long margin,  noted for style.  But Swich – which is the near acronym for Smartphone Wireless Charger – delivers not only style but functionality in a single package.  The combination charger and stand means the devices can be displayed and used while it is charging.

swich charger

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Innovative Still Life : Falling Recipes Photography

Many of us enjoy cooking and are familiar with typical recipes which list ingredients, perhaps show the cooking steps and feature the final cooked dish.  Berlin based designer Nora Luther  and photographer Pavel Beckers teamed up to create an innovative still life series called Recipes that’s certain to make us look at recipes differently from now on. 

falling recipes 1

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No Phone Service? You can Still Text with GoTenna

We are all so reliant on our mobile phones that it is a major problem when you do not have phone service. That happens frequently inside buildings or if you’re somewhere crowded where cell phone services are swamped.  Going abroad is yet another example unless you’re opting for expensive roaming charges.  Or cell phone towers may be down in the aftermath of a severe storm.


go tenna a

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Miniature Calendar Dioramas by Tanaka Tatsuya

There is likely no truer test of real creativity than the challenge of coming up with something unique every single day.  Creating delightful miniature calendar dioramas using model railway people is Japanese artist, Tanaka Tatsuya’s claim to fame.  He started his artwork on Miniature Calendar almost 4 years ago which means he has put together well over a thousand dioramas !

miniature calendar _deforestation


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