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Google’s 360 Panorama Photo Sphere App Now Available for iPhones

What took so long?  Google’s amazing 360 Panorama Photo Sphere app is  now available for iPhones.  The app allows you to take immersive 360 degree panoramic images which are then stitched together – street view style!   Once the process is launched, you just pan the view all around three times using the colored dots as guides. The second and third rotation is accomplished with the phone titled up and down.  Check out the video below and see how it is done!

photosphere 2

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Illusional Art Photography by Dudi Ben Simon

It takes a highly imaginative  mind like Israeli creative director Dudi Ben Simon to look at every day objects and be able to come up with unique illusional art photography.  He explained how he got started,  “While sitting on the couch, I saw a pile of bowls on the counter,; it looked to me like a sleeve. The next day, I took a picture of it.”

dudi ben simon optical illusion 9

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No More Video Shakes with the Elephant Steady

Taking video clips with smartphones is so convenient especially since most of us will have them with us while we are out.  But taking steadyvideo slips is another matter.  So the handheld  Elephant Steady is a great stabilizer accessory for stable movie making.  No more video shakes!

elephant steady 1

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Anatomy of Fireworks Photography by Andrew Waits

The earliest documented use of fireworks dates back to 7th century China where they were invented.  Ever since then, people have enjoyed seeing celebratory pyrotechnic shows all over the world.  But very few would have any idea what lies inside each firework  until Andrew Waits‘ anatomy of fireworks photography came along.

inside fireworks 1

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The Selfie Toaster Serves Up Your Portrait for Breakfast!

Did you know the first ever selfie was taken way back in 1839?  Robert Cornelius (1809- 1893) was an American photography pioneer who created the first known picture of a human being. His self portrait was created using the daguerreotype process.  Fast forward to our time and the numerous ways in which one can take a selfie just got whackier.

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Associated Nostalgia Photography Series by Eugenia Maximova

Eugenia Maximova is a Bulgarian born freelance photographer who is now based in Vienna, Austria.  She first got into photography almost a decade ago after she lost her mother, a well known Bulgarian painter.  Photography helped her overcome her profound loss.

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This Digital Time Lapse Camera Makes It Easy!

Time lapse photography projects are so much fun to watch – there are many examples on the internet.  Changing seasons, traffic patterns in the city, sunsets and even home parties. Anything is game.  But setting up to create your own, not so much.  Cue in the digital time lapse camera!

digital time lapse camera 1

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Alphabet Food Photography by Tommy Perez

There are photographers who capture great food images.  There are those who have children.  But designer and photographer Tommy Perez blends both AND bonds with his adorable little daughter with his unique alphabet food photography series entitled AtoZoë. He lovingly teaches Zoë each letter by linking it to a particular food.

alphabet food photography R

R is for Rice Krispies

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Solio Sun Powered Smartphone Charger

The Solio sun powered smartphone charger from Photojojo sure helps us stay connected with we are out and about during the warm sunny months. One of its advantages is the compact size. The panels close up together when not in use and the whole unit still fits the palm of your hand.


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