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Abandoned Suitcase Photography by Jon Crispin

Photographer  Jon Crispin‘s first major project was his visual documentation of 19th century New York insane asylums through his Silent Voices.  Jon has recently followed up with an extraordinary series called Willard Suitcases where he captures the suitcases and their contents which once belonged to patients suffering from chronic mental illness at Willard Psychiatric Center (1869-1995).

jon crispin willard suitcase 3

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Trnio 3D Scanner App Converts Smartphone Photos into 3D Models

Many people use their smartphones to scan documents, printed photos or QR codes.  But the ability to do  3D scanning is exciting because the images captured and rendered as 3D models will lend themselves well for 3D printing afterwards.  Trnio is a\ 3D scanner app which literally gives you the ability to have a 3D scanner which not only fits in your palm but also one which you have with you most of the time!

trinio screen shots 1

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Still Diet : Bizarre Fad Diets Photography by Dan Bannino

We are used to reading about, and maybe for some of us, indulging in the latest fad diet in an effort to reduce weight. But have you ever imagined visualizing what a fad diet might be? Photographer Dan Bannino created an exquisitely detailed still life series entited Still Diet to capture some of the most bizarre fad diets followed by some celebrities both past and present.

Still diet Mariah-Carey

Mariah Carey – Purple Diet

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Donate a Photo App Gives $1 to Charity for Every Photo You Share

Donate a Photo is a clever free app which takes great advantage of the popularity of both smartphone photography and social media. What’s more, it raises money for non-profits.  The app was created by Johnson & Johnson so that for every photo donated by users, $1 will go towards a cause.

Donate a photo 1

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Adorable Pet Photography by Megan van der Elst

There is a new online pet star in the making! Dutch photographer Megan van der Elst‘s adorable 2 year old blonde guinea pig called BooBoo, has been making an impression. BooBoo is the perfect model so her owner takes a lot of pictures of her. With a face like Booboo’s, what’s not to love?

booboo guinea pig 1

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Polaroid Style Pictures as Toilet Paper!

Looking for the perfect pairing for the Polaroid inspired toilet paper holder?  Then look no further than Modcloth’s Developing Your Decor Toilet Tissue!  While the images seem to good to waste as it is designed for but the gag gift idea might just suit for a die hard photographer you know!

Developing-Your-Decor-Toilet-Paper 1

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Cut Paper and Leather Art Photography by ZimandZou

Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann of Zim&Zou are extraordinary French artists who work with paper and leather scraps transforming the humble materials in visually appealing art.  They create their cut paper and leather art sculptures as part of larger installations or illustrations for leading companies and print magazines.

zimandzou_paper bird 1

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Golden Hour App Sends Alerts for Best Photo Taking Time

The golden hour is that magically time of day just after sunrise or just before sunset when the sun is low and the light is perfect for outdoor photography.   But those sweet spots vary depending on location and time of year.  iPhone users will be delighted to know that there’s an app for that! The Golden Hour app is a lovely simple one which tells you when the next sunrise and sunset will be so you can prepare for some awesome photography.

golden hour app 1

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Adorable Felted Animal Art and Photography by Felting Dreams

Chilean artisan, Johana Molina creates the adorable felted animal art – mostly mice – for her Etsy store, Felting  Dreams.  Her freestanding creations stand about 4 inches tall. They are exquisitely detailed right down to their felted paws, clothes, accessories and bags.  She crafts them using wire frames and soft merino wool.

felted animal photography 3

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