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Picquest – App Helps People Find a Photographer

Remember the old Yellow Page ads which reminded you to let your fingers do the walking when trying to locate businesses like photographers in your area. Fast forward to the smartphone age. You are still using your fingers but now it will be to tap open an app like Picquest.


Just like other location services like Yelp, Picquest will show you the photographers in your vicinity. Furthermore, you can also view any selected photographer’s portfolio to see if he or she might be who you need and communicate with them.

The service requires photographers to sign in.  The free app is currently available for iPhones only but the Android version is in the works.  It’s relatively new but has great potential not just for photographic services but as a social connection for those who share this interest.

Watch the video :

Via Digital Photography Review Connect

Amazing Cut Paper Art and Photography by Eiko Ojala

Estonian illustrator and graphic designer, Eiko Ojala, is a remarkable artist whose work has been featured on the cover of top magazines and publications worldwide.  His distinctive style incorporates a blend of cut paper and hand drawn illustrations to become works of art with depth and a touch of humor.

eiko magazine

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“Levitate” Your Smartphone with the Magic Phone Stand Charger

Levitation as a illusion has long fascinated people. They wonder how the trick is done and are awed when they cannot figure it all out.  Well, today’s avid smartphone user can now have a levitating phone to amaze friends and family!  The clever Magic Phone Stand charger will soon be available from Martinka & Co,  America’s oldest magic shop.

magic phone charger stand

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Medically Inspired Portrait Art and Photography

“HEADS”  is a delightfully imaginative and aptly named,portrait art and photography project by a husband and wife artististic duo, Edwige Massart and Xavier Wynn.  It came about as “a surrealist exploration of protraits from memories, found objects and a fascination with medical imagery.”  

edwige massart xavier wynn portrait 1

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Engineer Prints – Giant Custom Prints from Your Photos

Photojojo are now offering Engineer Prints, a custom photo printing service with a huge difference. By using printers typically used by engineers and architects, custom prints as large as 4 feet by 3 feet are now possible.

engineer prints 1

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Bentley Documentary Created and Edited with iPhones and iPads!

Iphoneography is huge these days. It is not hard to understand why.  The phones and tablets are popular because of the quality of their cameras, with each generation better than the previous. While the convenience of having a camera ready for informal photography, the Apple products have been shown to be just as good for professional footage.

bentley ad

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Lenstag – Anti-Theft Protection Service for Photographers

Lenstag is an anti-theft protection service designed to help photographers register their gear to increase the chances of recovery  if the items are stolen.  This tagging idea is useful for photographers who have amassed a sizeable collection of expensive equipment.


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Essentials – Travel Bags Photography Series by Daniel Eckler

Daniel Eckler, the founder of MIJLO, successfully raised Kickstarter funding last year for A Better Backpack “a premium backpack that’s built to last a lifetime.”   What was awesome was this creative director and designe’s elegant promotional solution.  His photography series entitled Essentials features the contents of the bags belonging to a select group of international creatives!

Essentials -Fabrizio-Querida designer at Querida

Fabrizio Querida, Designer @ Querida

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