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Narrative Clip – Wearable Camera to Record Your Daily Life

You could say the Narrative Clip is the digital age’s personal diary. This wearable camera captures your daily life through a series of photographs taken at 30 second intervals! It means you will never miss a special moment and maybe discover others which you didn’t notice the first time round! And all without having to write down a single word.

narrative clip

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Water Color and Collage Art Photography by Lim Zhi Wei

Lim Zhi Wei, who goes by the nickname, Limzy, is a Malaysian artist and photographer living in Singapore. She has a huge following on Instagram because of her lovely collection of water color and collage art.


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VoiceSnap App – Tell Your iPhone to Take a Photo

Ever wanted to take pictures the way Google Glass wearers do with a simple voice command? Now you can with VoiceSnap, a nifty iPhone app from the folks at Moca Apps.  Taking a hands-free picture is now as easy as saying “VoiceSnap, take a picture.”

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Delicious Knitted Comfort Food Photography

A deliciously clever idea came up when Jessica Dance, a London-based art director, model maker and prop stylist, met with fellow Brit, photographer David Sykes, over coffee for a brainstorming session.  Both admired each other’s work and felt they approached things in similar ways.

knitted food_hamburger

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Power Purse – Wallet with a Built in Battery for Charging up Smartphones

Our smartphones are fast becoming our lifelines to keep in touch, to take photos and well, just about everything except perhaps cook dinner. But at least you could look up recipes and plan or even order meals. But all that doesn’t happen if smartphones run out of juice. Having a portable charger is therefore very handy.

power purse 1

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Idioms – Clever Food Pairing Photography by Beth Galton

Beth Galton is an award winning New York based photographer best known for her food and still life photography. Her conceptual work is a fascinating collection of creative photography such as Cut Food which shows food in cross section and The Series of Texture which explores the surface patterns and consistencies of food.

beth galton idioms 3

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Power Pot : USB Charging via Campfires

Camping season will soon be upon us. Spending time in the wilderness and enjoying nature doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected with the outside world. Or at the very least, be able to charge up your smartphone for emergencies and for photography. So consider the clever” target=”_blank”>Power Pot available from Photojojo. It not only acts as an USB charger, but can also cook your dinner at the same time!

power pot USB charger main

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Annoying : Pet Peeve Photography Series by Bruce Peterson

Bruce Peterson is a fine art and still photographer of note. His photography has won mainstream commercial and industry awards. He says, “I respond to shape, line and texture. Look for the light to have a physical presence in my photographs. I am impressed with detail, render it well, and believe it takes a sophisticated approach to reach a simple solution.Collaborative problem solving is one of the things that makes my job interesting and enjoyable. Humor helps. A lot really.”

bruce petersen annoying photography series 1

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Take Underwater Photographs with the iPhone Super Suit

Nah. It’s got nothing to do with Superman or kryptonite. But the iPhone Super Suit  will enable keen iphoneographers to take pictures underwater to a depth of 6 feet. This will open up a whole new world of photographic possibilities.

iphone super suit

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