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Food Mimicry Art and Photography by Hikaru Cho

Hikaru Cho is an artist who takes bold strides with her work, going for the unusual. She is known for her body art where painted body parts such as mouths are placed where they are not expected.

painted food photography _banana

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When a Coffee Shop Masquerades as a Camera!

When is a camera not a camera?  When it is shaped like a Rollifex TLR camera!  The  Dreamy Camera cafe is located on a hilltop just outside Seoul in South Korea.  This amazing place was dreamed up by an ex-military helicopter pilot who also runs it.

rollicafe 1

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Frozen Flower Photography by Mo Devlin

Mo Devlin has two great passions – photography and freshwater fish, specifically New World cichlids. He also enjoys taking pictures of flowers which eventually led him to his stunning frozen flower photography series. A unique take on still life photography!

mo devlin frozen flower photography 1

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Stretcher Print : Photographic Wall Art Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles is an eco company with a mission to recycle plastic bottles into unique wall art.  Diverting such waste material from landfills is a laudable goal because each plastic bottle takes hundreds of years to decompose.
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Innovative Food Photography by Dr Nathan Myhrvold

How we view the art of cooking was literally overturned with the publication of the masterpiece Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking where the authors, who are also scientists, share their passion in a totally new way. The book covers their insights into what happens when food is cooked and how to get the most sublime results.

Nathan Myhrvold food photography 1

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Luxi Converts an iPhone into a Light Meter

We here at Modahaus are very proud of our portable photo studios. We understand how much hassle it is to travel with camera equipment.  So the Luxi light meter available from Photojojo certainly appeals to us. That’s because it turns an iPhone into a light meter so you don’t have to take a dedicated one with you.

Luxi iphone light meter 2

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Famous Soles by Terry Heffernan

Terry Heffernan is one of our favorite creative still life photographers.  We featured his beautiful historical fireman hats  and American icon photographic series before. Here is a no less awesome new collection which are portraits of famous people but seen through their still life shoes!

terry heffernan_john travolta

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ONA : Camera Bag Insert to Fit Inside Any Other Bag!

The idea behind ONA, a camera bag insert, is not new.  Some women swear by them. Bag inserts allow them to change handbags quickly without having to reorganize the contents.  So it is with the ONA which is available from Photojojo.

ona camera insert bag

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Samunnat Artisans Using Modahaus Steady Stand in Nepal

It is simply amazing where the Modahaus photo studios end up! Wendy Moore, an Australian artist and therapist, wrote to us about how the  artisans of Samunnat Nepal were benefiting from the Steady Stand.  This non-profit group was started by Wendy, Kopila Basnet, a Nepali attorney and others to help women there escape domestic violence and the horrors of human trafficking.

samunnat bead strands_650

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