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NailSnaps – Create Nail Art Stickers from Instagram Photos

Nail art is a popular way to dress up nails beyond regular nail polish. But it requires some skill and patience to achieve the final look. That’s why NailSnaps will appeal to those who like the style of expressive manicures but can’t really achieve them by themselves.  Nailsnaps are easy to create nail polish art stickers  created from Instagram photos!

nailsnaps 3
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Tiny Tiny Camera Series by Maria Cristina Travaglio Photography

Call it the adventures of a tiny, tiny camera for it does look like this little prop travels a lot!  Architect turned event photographer Maria Cristina Travaglio explained how she came about her side project,  “I started doing the Tiny Tiny Camera project back in January 2013 and the very first pictures I took meant to show the different patterns of melting snow on grass.”  It is clear she enjoys working on this creative photography collection.

tiny tiny camera 1

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Your Instagram Pictures as Marshmallow Treats!

Fans of the ever popular photo sharing site, Instagram, now have a new way to share their pictures albeit only temporary! Boomf Magic Mallows, a London, UK based offers boxes of nine delicious marshmallows with your favorite pictures printed on it. These make highly personal gifts which can be sent to anyone worldwide. Boomf marshmallows are definitely a fun alternative to the box of chocolates gift idea!


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Teeny Tiny Handmade Creature Art Photography by Su Ami

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting tiny animals. But Su Ami, a family of Vietnamese crafters take the artform to extremes with their range of teeny tiny handmade creatures.  These are  just millimeters high.

tiny crochet snail

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Zink Zero Smartphone Printer Fits in Your Palm!

Busy photographers not only don’t have the time, but they also don’t want to carry a lot of extra gear like printers.  So the Zink Zero promises to be the answer for time and space challenged photographers who need a printer on hand.  This tiny printer by the imaging company, Zink, is so small, it fits in the palm. It’s really not much larger than the average smartphone and is thus pocket sized!

zink zero 1 smartphone printer

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Making It Up Beauty Series by Juan Sánchez Castillo

Juan Sánchez Castillo is the Spanish photographer behind the Making It Up beauty series – a beautiful collection and mix of fashion and miniature photography.   Inspired by examples of combination miniature figure and landscape photography, he decided to use the female figure as the landscape for his own interpretation of the delightful form of creative imagery.

juan-sanchez-castillo  beauty photography 1

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Miggo – An Ingenious All in One Camera Strap and Case

The Miggo is an ingenious and inexpensive camera strap which also doubles as a wrap covering. It cuts down on bulky and heavy cases as the camera is protected when placed in a personal bag. This simple solution makes a larger camera more likely to be taken along.  It works for small to medium size dSLR cameras and mirrorless but not for compact or large cameras.

Miggo camera strap case main

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The Secret Life of Star War Characters by Darryll Jones

British artist and photographer  Darryl Jones claims, “I have toys. They want me to take pictures.”  And so he does on his website and on his Instagram.  His creative work chronicling the imagined life adventures of various Star War characters, in particular the stormtroopers, is delightful. It is easy to see why he has a large fan base –  his tongue in cheek captions and fun photographs make a wonderful combination.

darryl jones star wars lego 1

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