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PicoPix Pocket Projector for Smartphones

Taking great pictures on your smartphone is one thing.  Sharing them with a crowd is another.  Enter Phillips’ PicoPix PPX3610 – an Android operated portable projector that’s capable of projecting up to 120 inches on a convenient wall or projector screen.  What’s more, it can stream content completely cable free from a smartphone, tablet or computer via WiFi.

Picopix pocket projector A

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Birds Made From Flower Petals Art Photography by Red Hongyi

We’ve featured the amazingly creative work of Malaysian artist and architect, Red Hongyi before. Her personal challenge of experimenting and creating art with a new material each month has lead to a vibrant Instagram account, one with many followers.


Peacock made from butterfly pea flowers, bottlebrush leaves, coconut leaf sticks, alamandas / trumpet flowers

Another outstanding series is her photographs of birds made from flower petals. She came up with the idea once she realized petals, particularly gerbera, resembled feathers. Her art pieces are created by layering the petals painstakingly one above the other much like feathers are arranged.


Eagle made of white, maroon and yellow chrysanthemums

Her work is distinctive and an inspiration for all.


Kingfisher made of gerberas, butterfly peas and purple shamrocks


Hornbill made of chrysanthemums, germeras and purple shamrocks


Flamingo made from pink gerberas and twigs

All images are copyright of Red Hongyi.  Photographs used with permission.


Galileo – a Panning Robot for Your iPhone

Panned landscape iphoneography can be somewhat difficult as it is hard to move the smartphone steadily and get the panoramas we want. That’s even with the help of some great apps now available. So the Galileo , a panning robot available from Photojojo is definitely a great help.

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Amazing Star Wars Lego Photography by Vesa Lehtimäki

Vesa Lehtimäki is a Finnish illustrator and photographer who creates the most delightful lego dioramas.  He uses the Star Wars characters and props to reimagine the iconic movie series with a collection of  fake deleted scenes.  He explains,  “It’s like directing diminutive bits and pieces of my own Star Wars movie in single frame plays”.

lego star wars 1

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Poppy 3D iPhone Camera – New Take on the ViewMaster Toy

What is it about nostalgia?  There must be some strong emotional bond with the toys from our childhood enough for the Viewmaster to be revamped for today’s technology. The Poppy 3D iPhone Camera is so much more than the low tech device we used to play with.


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Fireman Hats by Terry Heffernan

The Lebanon Historical Society in Pennsylvania, USA has a wonderful exhibit of historical fireman hats.  These have been beautifully captured by Terry Heffernan, a still and film photographer with a sense of reverence these bygone artifacts so deserve.

fireman historical hat 4

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G-Hold – Secure Grips and Cases for Tablets and Smartphones

Don’t you find your tablet somewhat awkward to hold? Heaven forbid if you should accidentally drop this expensive item too! The G-Hold is a nifty solution to all that fumbling. It is a clever backing designed to give users a secure hold on tablets and smartphones.

G-hold 1

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Delightful Illustrated Photography by Alex Solis

Alex Solis is a Chicago based designer and illustrator who just happens to have a huge following on Instagram. It’s no wonder as he is a gifted artist and has a playful side to his personal art.

alex solis illustrated photography 1

“C is for Cat – Sign Language”

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