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Ladibird – An Appcessory to Make Your iPhone Camera Work Even Better

The iPhone cameras have proven their worth with every generation as legions of photographers have moved on to smartphone photography.  But there is always room for improvement, right?


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Walking My Dog Photo Series : Abstract Collection by Eddy de Azevedo

Every day photographer Eddy de Azevedo walks his dog the beaches of Capbreton, a seaside town and fishing port in France.  He says it is a spot where the Atlantic Ocean often deposits all kinds of garbage.
walking my dog photo series 1_lighters 1
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Cap Buckle – Camera Strap Lens Holder

Photographers enjoy taking pictures. Keeping track of where they might have placed the lens cap, not so much.  According to Belleks, the company which makes the clever Cap Buckle, the average photographer loses 3 -5 lens caps a year!

cap buckle 1

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American Icon Photography by Terry Heffernan

Terry Heffernan is a film and still photographer and producer whose work we have featured before.  Another of his amazing photographic series is his American Icons Series where he brilliantly captures the American spirit. He focuses on historic collections from various parts of the US. There were so many beautiful photographs making the selection here difficult!

american icon collection_stars and stripes 2

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Fuji’s Portable Instax Printer for Smartphone Users

Let’s face it. Most of us don’t bother to print out photographs anymore.  But occasionally, we might want to share our images in the physical sense.  Preferably in a totally convenient manner.

fuji instax printer 1

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Portrait Art Using Obsolete Material by Nick Gentry

Nick Gentry is a London based artist who is best known for his work using obsolete material such as floppy disks and film negatives. The result is hauntingly beautiful portraiture.

nick gentry portraits 1

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JUMP – Novel and Easy Phone Charging Solution for Smartphones

It’s practically inevitable that just when you need your smartphone most, the battery is almost drained.  The only solution is to have additional stored power handy.  There are plenty of power packs out there but they are generally bulky and have one potential complication – you need to remember to keep them charged up.

jump iphone charger 1

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Stunning Liquid Photography by Henrique Bagulho

If food photography is challenging, taking pictures of liquids and drinks is even more so.  One photographer who can deliver dynamic results is Henrique Bagulho.  Lisbon born but now calls San Francisco home, Henrique has an impressive number of clients in his portfolio.

henry bagulho_water

His food and liquid photography in particular shows his masterly understanding of lighting, composition and movement of liquids.  The images are all vivid and eye-catching.

henry bagulho_orange

His skill capture of splashes, shimmering of slightly shaken liquids and the pouring of liquids is inspired.  Also delightful are his images ( see end of post) of common laboratory supplies such as pipettes and well plates. In Henrique’s hands, these ordinary tools look exquisite!

henry bagulho_dior splash

Food Photography

Food Photography

henry bagulho_well plate

All photographs are copyright of Henrique Bagulho and shown here with permission.


Eco-Mobius : A Concept Customizable SmartPhone

Smartphone users customize the functionality of their cell phones through apps.  But what if you could also customize the actual phone itself?  The Eco-Mobius, a concept Smartphone designed by a team from  ZTE Corporation will allow users to do exactly that.

eco_mobius 1

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