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Delicious Food Photography by Terry Heffernan

Food photography is challenging.  It’s not just about great photographs but making the food delicious to look at.  One masterful specialist is San Franscisco based photographer and film maker, Terry Heffernan.

terry heffernan food photography 3

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Bublcam – The 360 degree Camera for Spherical Photography

Panorama photography is so yesterday. Bublcam is an amazing 360 degree camera capable of taking stills and video all the way around. The technology developed by a Canadian startup is about to become reality as it recently  tripled its original target of $100,000 to over $300,000 on their Kickstarter campaign.

bublcam 1

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50 States of America Lego Dioramas by Jeff Friesen

Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen’s The Brick Fantastic collection is a truly delightful series of Lego dioramas representing each of the US states.  This talented photographer is a master of backgrounds and setups as well as the possessor of a wonderful sense of humor as well as a whole lot of Lego!

Jeff Freisen_Arizona

ARIZONA : Good fences make good neighbors?

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Polaroll : The Polaroid Camera Shaped Toilet Roll Dispenser

Got a photographer on your list who is hard to buy for? The problem is solved if he or she has a great sense of humor and penchant for retro 80’s home decor! The Polaroll is one cool vintage Polaroid camera shaped toilet roll dispenser!

Polaroll toilet paper dispenser

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Amazing Product Photography by Marcel Christ

In a highly competitive market, brands all strive to maintain market share.  Product visibility in high quality ad campaigns requires great product photography. Dutch photographer Marcel Christ delivers amazing results for his many corporate clients including Sony, Nokia, Evian, Nike and Samsung to name a few.


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5 Cool Gifts for the iPhone Photographer

It’s that time of year again!  One good thing about iPhone photographers is that they are easy to buy for.  There are all kinds of cool accessories for that iPhone photographer in your life. Or perhaps a gift for yourself?

One great gift idea is  the Rhino Shield Protector from Evolutive Labs.  Their custom shock dispersing polymer protects against the glass shattering when the smartphone is accidentally dropped and yet, that layer is still transparently thin and scratch resistant.

rhino shield

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Shattering Porcelain Statues Photography

German photographer, Martin Klimas, has a unique approach to porcelain figurine photography.  He doesn’t  take still life pictures of the porcelain statues but prefers to capture the moment of impact when they are dropped from a height of 3 meters.

martin klimas_shattered porcelain photography 1

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Underwater Video Camera Snorkel Masks by Liquid Image

If you thought underwater photography is out of your league, think again. The amazing Explorer Series underwater video cameras mounted on snorkel masks will not only make it possible to film underwater, you’d be able to do it hands free! Think of the fun while swimming and snorkeling in your next vacation adventure!

liquid camera 1

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Whimsical Illustrated Food Photographs by Kerstin Hiesterman

Tired of endless pictures of other people’s dinners on Instagram?  Well, artist Kerstin Hiesterman as Khiesti on Instagram has been entertaining her numerous Instagram followers – over 130,000 to date – with her whimsical illustrations combined with familiar food.

kerstin instagram A

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