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The Bolt – Wall Charger and Battery Backup for Smartphones

There is nothing more frustrating than to have your smartphone run out of juice.  Plugging it in a public electrical outlet is not exactly ethical nor safe unattended. The best solution is to have your own battery backup so you’re never caught short. The Bolt available from Photojojo  is both a wall charger and portable battery backup rolled up in one!

bolt charger

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Colorful Still Life Photography by David Lidbetter

David Lidbetter is a London based still life photographer with a wonderful sense of color who also pays a great deal of attention to small details.  The vivid images of regular objects like paint brushes, yarn pom pom balls, candy, rubber bands and marbles make a remarkable transition to art.

lidbetter 0

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Lomography Smartphone Scanner to Digitize Film and Slides

If you are of a certain age, then you are bound to have boxes of old slides and negatives lurking in some closet.  The cost and hassle of having them converted to digital images are almost certainly the main reasons why they are collecting dust.  But with the Lomography smartphone scanner, you’d be able to switch over easily.

smartphone film scanner

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Model People Photography by Slinkachu

London based photographer, Slinkachu, has been entertaining and inspiring people since 2006 with his unique street art installations.  They consist of miniature railway model figures placed in urban settings.

slinkachu 1

He photographs the charming tableaus closeup as well as from a distance providing some context to the actual citiscape backgrounds. It’s as if another world, albeit a tiny one, coexists with our own.

slinkachu 2

The photographer has exhibited his unusual art form internationally in various museums and galleries. His prints are also for sale. Slinkachu has also published 2 books so far, Little People in the City : The Street Art of Slinkachu as well as Global Model Village : The International Street Art of Slinkachu.

slinkachu 3

What has he been up to recently? Slinkachu said back in October, “I’ve just got back from Paris where I was helping to promote ReAct Paris, a conference organised by the European Parliament to tackle the problems of unemployment in Europe, particularly youth unemployment, which in some parts of Europe stand close to a miserable 30%. I was leaving miniature workers hidden around the streets of Paris and asking the question “Why is it so hard to find a job?”

The following  photographs are a couple of examples  taken in Paris for this event.  He shared them on his blog,appropriately titled Little People.

Construction Workers 1b - slinkachu

Construction Workers

Scientist 1b - slinkachu



DSLR Overhead Photography – Steady Stand SS300 Kit

DSLR overhead photography of products is now incredibly easy and effective with this revolutionary Steady Stand SS300 Kit.

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Mindshift Gear Rotation 180 Backpack for Avid Outdoor Photographers

Serious photographers take note.  Mindshift Gear’s upcoming Rotation 180 Panorama Backpack promises to be a smaller and  model than the original Rotation 180 Professional successfully launched on Kickstarter.

mindshift gear rotation 180 backpack 1

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Food Art Photography by Red Hong Yi

Red Hong Yi is an up and coming Malaysian artist and architect who shot into international fame earlier this year with her 31 Days of Creativity food art collection on Instagram.

redhongyi food art tiger

Her month long artistic challenge revealed her creativity as she used all sorts of food to decorate a simple white plate.  Strips of carrots, cucumber, seeds, fruit and vegetables and even sauces were used to illustrate animals, landscapes and whimsical designs.

red hongyi_ food art 3

She said, “I hope this inspires you and makes you realize that you can get creative with anything, even with limited tools, and that like a child, you’ll see joy and fun even in ordinary, everyday items.”

red hongyi_ food art

One thing’s certain, most of us will never look at food quite the same way again!

red hongyi_ food art 6

red hongyi_ food art 5

red hongyi_ food art 4

red hongyi_ food art 2

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Instax Neo Classic for Instant Photographs

Despite the huge popularity for digital photography today, there’s still an interest for instant printed photographs. So Fuji Films came up with their latest Instax mini family member, the Instax 90 Neo Classic camera.


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