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Pearl and Diamond Photography Tips

Pearl and diamond photography can present a few challenges. These few simple tips also apply to other gemstone and bead photography whatever your camera device – smartphone, compact camera, mirrorless camera or DSLR. We’re just finishing off a shoot for a vintage watch and jewelry catalogue that will be appearing in print as well as online.

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FlameStower Uses Fire to Charge Up Your Tech Gear

Prehistoric meets high tech.  When power outages or catastrophes strike, what are you going to do to charge up your gadgets to keep in touch?  It also doesn’t help if you are outdoors and your battery powered charger ran out of juice.  Solar chargers work only if it is day time.  But the FlameStower lets you charge up anytime, anywhere and with any type of open flame fire.


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Soap Bubble Macro Photography by Jane Thomas

Jane Thomas is Scottish photographer whose soap bubble images make incredibly beautiful psychedelic art.  She got the idea when she was doing the washing up.  Jane explains, “One day I noticed the flat soapy films across the squares of the grid inside a grill pan,” said Thomas. “I don’t think I’d ever noticed their tiny colorful patterns before and it struck me they’d make a good subject. I couldn’t wait to get the camera out, that’s when the mania for bubbles came about.”

soap film photography 1

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Lensbaby Spark Lens for Fun Tilt Shift Photography

Got a Canon or Nikon? Then consider the Lensbaby Spark lens which will add oodles of fun to your dSLR photography. This tilt-shift lens is so easy to use once installed on your camera.

lensbaby spark 1

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Photography Prints on Stone by Mádhava Kalmár

Mádhava Kalmár is a 23 year old Hungarian student studying photography at Brighton University.  It has been his dream to be a professional photographer since he was 16, inspired by other Hungarian photographers such as Magdolna Vekas and Balazs Telek.  His college project called “Identity” was the driving force behind his amazing and ongoing photographs on print collection.

madhava photo 5

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Bikepod – Camera Mount for the Bicycle

Smartphones get everywhere.  Some people are already using smartphone mounts in cars to take videos and pictures while travelling. But what about when you’re out and about on a bike trail?  The Bikepod is just the ticket for outdoor photography enthusiasts on the move!

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Indoor Insect Photography by Boris Godfroid

Think insect macro photography and you’d be thinking of the outdoors. But Belgian photographer Boris Godfroid took a different approach for his Life on Moss still photographs and video. He brought the outdoors inside with a realistic mock up using actual moss and other plant life on a base!


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Sony’s CyberShot Piggy Back Lens Style Cameras

Sony has come out with their Cyber-shot™ DSC-QX100 and DSC-QX10 lens-style cameras.  It’s their attempt to join in with the increasing use smartphone cameras by offering users the ability to take better quality photographs.  These cameras can be used independently or can be piggy backed onto a smartphone. There is a  special camera mount for it which fits their new mobile phone, the  Xperia™ Z1.


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The Secret Lives of Lego Characters

Who knew Lego characters had secret lives?  Reggie Ballesteros, a free lance San Francisco photographer did.  At least in his imagination and with his skill at clever creative photography.  He captures these in a most whimsical fashion that’s sure to please not just kids but the young at heart.

Reggie Ballesteros1

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