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iPhone 5 Panoramic Product Photography

Using the iPhone 5 for panoramic product photography creates surprisingly high quality images. In Apple’s recent keynote when they launched the iPhone 5S and iPhone C a key figure mentioned stuck in my mind. The mention that the iPhone 5S created 28 mp images in the panorama mode intrigued me. I immediately set about shooting a few landscape panoramas with my iPhone 5. I was taken aback with the overall image quality and the seamless blend of the whole image, providing I kept the camera steady and performed a smooth sweep of the scene. I then did my very first panoramic product photography shoot with the iPhone 5 and I’m blown away with the results – see below. The video shows how easy this technique really is! Be sure to check out  the 100% sized image after the jump.

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iPhone 5 Tabloid Document Scanner

We discovered this awesome technique we just had to share! Using the Steady Stand 300 Kit and iPhone 5 you effectively have an IOS Tabloid Document Scanner! Works with Androids too!

Using the largest stand in the kit and an iPhone 5 with the camera set to panorama we simply place our tabloid or A3 plus document  Read more…

Steady Stand 300 Kit Quick Start Guide

The Modahaus Steady Stand 300 Kit has been designed from the ground up to accommodate a variety of devices and cameras including Smartphones, Phablets, Tablets, Compact Cameras and DSLR’s. Here we’ll give you an outline of the kit and a quick start guide on how to make the most of the kit for product photography and document scanning. We’ll be adding more posts on specific techniques like this one on Tabloid Document Scanning with the Steady Stand 300 Kit.

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These Smartphone Lenses Won’t Break the Bank!

Smartphone cameras on mobile devices are getting better and better. But they still have limitations. These can be removed with additional lenses like the Photojojo iphone and android phone lens series. It’s an awesome series which won’t break the bank!


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Watch How a Product Photographer Uses Special Effects

Product photographers not only have to be able to take great photographs, but they also have to convey something about their subjects. In other words, they have to shoot to sell!  Benjamin Von Wong rose to that challenge with his amazing photo shoot  for ioSafeN2, a disaster-proof hard drive built to withstand water and fire.

von wong fire and water product photography 2

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Keyprop is a Totally Portable Smartphone Stand

The Keyprop from Photojojo is an ingenious solution to avid smartphone photographers. They already have an ever ready camera with them. Why not a totally portable smartphone stand as well?  One that can be attached to your key chain.


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Claire Moynihan’s Amazing Embroidered 3D Insects

Claire Moynihan is a textile artist who creates amazing free style embroidered 3D insects.  All her meticulously made and life-like sculptures are beautifully mounted on felt balls.  She carefully assembles groups of these in display cases much as entomologists would do with their specimens.  In her case, no real insects were harmed in the creation!


claire moynihan southern hawkerball

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Kula Deeper – 3D Imaging for dSLR cameras

There are some cameras out there capable of taking 3D images but most are not.  So having a simple way of making such pictures with an ordinary dSLR camera is just the ticket.  Kula Deeper is an Iceladic Karolina Funding project that’s looking for financial support to take their device for capturing 3d pictures and videos with a normal camera to production.

kula deeper 1

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Kouishi Chiba’s Paper Characters Come to Life!

There is something about being an artist and photographer combined which takes creative imagery to new heights.  Kouichi Chiba is both.  He is also an art teacher in a secondary school in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.  His delightful and original characters inhabiting an out sized world are all imaginatively captured with his camera.  He uses soft tones and depth field to great effect.

Periscope Lens Turns Your Smartphone into a Spy Camera

The Smartphone Spy Lens is really just a periscopic one which lets the photographer take photographs from a 90 degree perspective.  A simple idea but one which has many uses in real life.


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