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Me Cam Lets You Wear Your Camera

Smartphones are almost always with us so their cameras are often used. But there are situations when having a hands free camera is preferable. The Me Cam is a fun wearable mini -camera which you can either pin onto your clothing or wear as a necklace.

mecam on shirt

This inexpensive ($49) novelty camera is a round disc just under 2 inches in diameter and can record 72P HD video and images in low light conditions. It’s meant for point of view recording and the results are informal due to the inability to aim the camera precisely and the motion of the wearer. Good fun though for the next family reunion or party.

See PCmag’s full review on the Me Cam.

Delightful Toy Animal Diorama Photography by Jeff Friesen

Looking for some cool animal prints for children’s rooms?  Look no further than the art photography work of Canadian Jeff Friesen.  His delightful Wild Animal Prints are a series of plastic toy animal dioramas portrayed as if they lived in our world.

"Hugo was a model of self-restraint in many aspects of life. In fact, he restrained himself from piano practice every day. Surely no one would notice if He took one small bite of his sister's birthday cake. Just one tiny bite!"

“Hugo was a model of self-restraint in many aspects of life. In fact, he restrained himself from piano practice every day. Surely no one would notice if He took one small bite of his sister’s birthday cake. Just one tiny bite!”

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Big Shot Camera Kit Helps Kids Learn About Photography and Cameras

The Big Shot Camera Kit is designed to help children learn about photography and how cameras work. This is the brainchild of Shree Nayar, a computer science professor at Columbia University.

Big shot camera kit 1

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Food Photography by Gabriele Liaudanskaite

Food and recipe blogs are incredibly popular.  What’s not to like?  Delicious food and often the instructions on how to make it so your next meal or treat will be gratifying.  Excellent food photographs are required.  So aspiring food bloggers can get inspiration from a young and talented upcoming Lithuanian photographer called Gabriele Liaudanskaite.

gabrielle photography_pastry

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Kii iPhone Charger Connector Makes Cables Obsolete!

Photographers already have too much to carry around.  Cables are part of the baggage not just for cameras but also smartphones. So if you want to lighten your load and simplify your life, ditch the smartphone charger cable!

Kii iphone charger

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Dok-Dok iPad Document Scanner

Dok-Dok iPad document scanner and case is an awesome Kickstarter project offering great rewards for backers…right now!

The Dok-Dok turns your iPad into a portable scanner. It’s a unique document scanner built in to a sleek aluminum case. Using the iPad’s camera, you create high quality scans fast, even in low light. It can be used with a voice activated shutter release, Apple earphones as a cable release or simply a gentle tap for manual Shutter release. Dok-Dok accommodates single and multi-page documents, paper and board, photos, artwork and maps and no juice is required!

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Macro Traveling Car Adventure Photography

21 year old Kim Leuenberger is a  Swiss photographer who manages to combine her passions brilliantly.  She loves to travel and collect vintage cars and motorcycles.  So she takes macro pictures of her little vehicles wherever she goes!

travelling car adventures 3

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The iPhone Carabiner Clip for Photographers on the Move

We love our iPhones so much they are now our main camera for when we’re out and about with our daily lives.  Having them handy ready for the next opportunistic image  is key.  The iPhone Carabiner Clip from Photojojo does the trick as it helps securely connect the smartphones to many things – belt loops, bag straps and including a nifty strong leather strap which comes with the clip!

iphone carabiner clip 1

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Shabby Chic Flower Photography by Sylvia Cook

Flowers make wonderful subject for still life photography.  Everyone likes flowers right?  One photographer who comes up with a unique and beautiful approach to floral images is Seattle based Sylvia Cook. Her Shabby Chic collection has a softly focused vintage style which many like.

sylvia cook flowers a

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Squito – A Throwable Prototype Camera for Aerial Photography

A throwable camera might sound like an oxymoron.  But such a camera could not only take aerial 360 degree panoramic photographs but with the right technology on board be useful for all sorts of applications.

squito camera

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