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Ida Frosk’s Creative Food Art Photography

Norwegian photographerIda Frosk describes herself simply as an Instagram food artist and enthusiast.  But what she does is amazing. She creates all sorts of artistic pictures on a dinner plate using just food. She started taking and sharing her photographs simply because they are fun.

ida frosk_ sunny pineapple

Ida’s inspiration comes from many sources. Something she sees in modern art, cartoons or films, everyday events even the shape of an ingredient. It’s easy to see Japan inspired the photograph she took of an omelette standing in for Mount Fuji!

ida frosk_ fuji

Even a well known fairy tale was an inspiration!

ida frosk_little red riding hood

Nothing is wasted either as Ida eats her creations! She has a game plan the night before and many designs are constructed in a short period of time the next morning before she departs for work.

ida frosk_monkey toast

Her Art  Toast Project celebrates famous paintings like the Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring and Munch’s Girls on a Jetty.

ida frosk_girl with a pearl earring

What’s clear is Ida enjoys her breakfasts in more ways than one!

ida frosk_munch girls on a jetty

Her  book on her playful breakfasts will be out later this fall.

Skooba Cable Stable Bag Keeps a Digital Photographer Organized!

Digital photography for all its wonderful benefits has one annoying requirement.  Cables.  They multiply especially if you are also taking along modems, laptops or mobile devices, thumbdrives,  an extra compact camera and so on for a photoshoot.  It’s easy to get cables and small devices all muddled up in a bag and its just as easy to waste time untangling and finding what you need.

cable bag


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Mr Lentz’s Handmade Wooden Planter Photography

Some people are incredibly talented.  Take Evan Lentz of MrLentz  for example.  This self-styled “modern cowboy of the creative revolution” is an accomplished wood working and leather artisan as well as a photographer.

lentz_grass knuckle rings

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A Camera that Splits into Two so No Photographer is Ever Left Out!

The Duo camera is an engaging idea in all senses of the word.  The camera works as a single unit or can be split into two so the photographic opportunities are increased!

duo camera 2

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Jim Golden’s Vintage Collections Photography

Jim Golden is based in Portland, Oregon and specializes in people, portraits, fashion and still life photography.  His artful approach to still life can best be seen in his captivating vintage collections.  The photography showcases anything from old cameras, plastic wear, Christmas ornaments and even scissors.

jim golden vintage technology_cameras

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Projecto : The Tiny Instagram Projector

We have so much new technology out there to please just about any geek. Yet, there is a deep longing for nostalgia based ones.  Projecto is a tiny projector which is reminiscent of  the almost obsolete slide projector.

projecto 2

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Magical Insect Photography by AimishBoy

Macro photography is challenging.  But Israeli photographer Nadav Bagim ups the ante with tiny models all of which are alive and most importantly, moving around!

aimish boy_survivors not everybody made it to Noah's ark

Survivors : Not Everybody Made it to Noah’s Ark

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Impossible Instant Lab Turns Your iPhone Pictures into Real Photographs

Anyone who thought analog photography was well and truly dead should take a look at the Impossible Instant Lab.   This nifty gadget lets you select your favorite iPhone images and print it out as a real photograph instantly.

impossible instant lab 1

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Bela Borsodi’s Amazing Ad Photography

It’s one thing to be a good product photographer but another to be an outstanding one.  Viennese born New York based Bela Borsodi is renowned for his amazing advertising and editorial photography.  He counts among his many clients major publications such as the NY Times magazine, Wall Street Journal as well as Bloomingdales, Swarovski, Hermes and Puma.

bela borsodi_vlp terrain final

VLP Terrain : Lable Idyllic Noise

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