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Your iPhone Becomes a 3D Camera with the Poppy!

This goes back a while but do you remember Viewmaster?  It was a neat toy which let you see 3D pictures through the viewfinder.  Fast forward into the smartphone age. Lo and behold it is now possible for us to make and see our own 3D images and videos using our iPhones thanks to an innovative project called Poppy on Kickstarter.

project poppy 1

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Ryoji Tanaka’s Amazing Photography of Minerals and Elements

Ryoji Tanaka is a Japanese chemist who is lucky enough to take some pretty amazing photographs of  minerals and elements in the course of his work.  He is with the  Inorganic Materials Group at the Sagami Chemical Research Institute, Ayase, Japan.



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The Lumu Digital Light Meter for iPhones

They say successful innovation is when it fulfills a need. So it is with the Lumu digital light meter designed for iPhones. This Kickstarter project was launched just 3 days ago. It reached 5 times its funding goal of $20,000 in just the first two days!  There was clearly a clamoring for a light meter for the 21st century!

lumu light meter 1

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Improbability – A Surrealistic Photographic Collection

Giuseppe Colarusso is an Italian photographer who goes by Mister Solo, is not just an accomplished and published photographer.  His skill at manipulating photographs has resulted in a number of clever surrealist collections. Shown here is his Improbability series. His fantasy photographs are based on actual product photographs which are then taken beyond reality.  His is a wonderfully creative and imaginative mind!

mister solo_orange spray

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Spinpod for Smooth Smartphone Time Lapse and Panoramic Photography

Taking panoramic pictures or time lapse photography on a smartphone is fine in theory but in practice the quality is less than perfect.  Spinpod, a portable and easy to use smartphone motion control unit aims to take the shake out of handheld phone cameras and help users take seamless panoramic and time lapse photographs.

spinpod 1

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Things Come Apart Photography Shows What’s Inside Tools and Devices

Todd McLellan is a Canadian photographer who cultivated his passion for his craft back in art college.  One of his special projects is his Things Come Apart series where he shows spectacular pictures of what our favorite tools and household devices look like inside.  They are fascinating to look at as most of us cannot imagine their complexity and can only marvel at the many hundred parts it can sometimes take to make a modern product work.

todd mclellan_early mac

Early Macintosh Computer

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It’s Playtime with the Nanoblock Camera!

Want some fun with a miniature camera you take anywhere anytime? The Lego inspired Nanoblock camera from Photojojo is not just some plaything but an actual functional camera which can shoot stills and videos.  It even comes with extra blocks for customization.

nanoblock camera2

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Scubazoo’s Miniature Underwater Diorama Photography

Jason Isley is the photographer behind Scubazoo, an  underwater filming and photography company based in South East Asia.   Beautiful the images may be, but underwater macro photography has become very repetitive for him.  So he starting creating underwater dioramas using tiny model train people and has been having fun ever since.

scubazoo_ sunbathers tubeworm

Sunbathers with a tubeworm

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