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3 Fun Handcrafted Gifts for Photographers by Monoculo

Some people are exceedingly hard to buy for.  Take photographers who already have an extensive collection of cameras and accessories for example.  Why not choose something which someone with a deep love of photography would enjoy in the home?

camera lens stool

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Paint Splatter Photography by Fabian Oefner

Fabian Oefner of Switzerland is a unique photographer with interests in both art and science .  He says he “is on a mission to harness elemental forms of natural phenomena and capture them in the most stunning way possible.”  One recent project is his “Black Hole” series which displays swirls of color against a black background.

fabian oefner_centrifugal paint art photograph 1

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera Review

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera with its 13 megapixel sensor is capable of producing stunningly sharp photos! It has truly set a new benchmark in image quality for Smartphones. Here we’ve tested the S4’s camera capabilities in the demanding area of ‘product photography’. This is indeed a ‘Rave Review’!

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The Outex Waterproof Camera Case Protects Expensive Equipment

Outdoor photographers will appreciate the Outex Pro Kit , an innovative waterproof camera case system. It totally protects expensive SLR equipment from the elements.  Rain, mud, snow, sand and even dropping your camera accidentally into a pool will not be an issue due to the patented sealing capabilities.


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Pure Liquid Photography by Julius Ise

Julius Ise is a German product  photographer who loves to experiment in his free time playing with elements such as water, fire and so on. He says, ” I think it’s the simplicity of these  photos which makes them so interesting.” Not just for the photographer but for viewers too.

julius ise_pure liquid 6

Red wine

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Tiltpod Mobile – Tiny Keychain Tripod for Smartphones

The Tiltpod Mobile has got to be the world’s smallest tripod!  This tripod is meant for the iPhone 4/4S. It is so small it fits right on key chains!  There is absolutely no excuse about forgetting this tripod.  Losing keys is another matter!

tiltpod_iphone tripod

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Branded Fruit Photography by Cheng Ting Ting

Taiwanese photographer, Cheng Ting Ting‘s branded fruit photography is indeed thought provoking.  Top brands like Tiffany, Sony and Louis Vitton command high prices but would their logos hold as much impact if they were found in common fruit?

ting ting cheng Tiffany-orange

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Pocket Spotlight – iPhone Flash Accessory

Taking pictures in low light conditions is tricky.  The flash provided by iPhones while adequate is too fleeting to do a good job in demanding circumstances.  The  Pocket Spotlight solves that problem as it is a continuous light source.

pocket-spotlight-for iPhone 1

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A Visual Translation of Crayola’s Crayon Titles by Dawn Kim and Daniel Seung Lee

Thinking outside the box is an essential component about being creative. Art director Dawn Kim looked beyond the crayon colors and envisioned a new interpretation of the humble box of children’s art materials.

crayola_brick red

Brick Red, #CB4154

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iPhone Shutter Grip for Comfortable Handhold

Smartphones are so handy as ever ready cameras. But the taking of pictures is actually awkward as we try to tap on the home button to capture the image. The action is so not like that of a regular camera.


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