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Amazing Fluid Sculpture Photography by Jack Long

Jack Long is a fluid sculptor.  The description “fluid sculptor” seem like an oxymoron but what Long does is to take incredible photographs of fleeting images of fluid in motion.  The resulting images are therefore works of art which have attracted widespread attention.

jack long fluid sculpture photography a

Vessels and Blooms by Jack Long

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World’s First Portable Camera Dolly – iFlow Pro

Compact and portable are two of the most useful features of any camera.  The innovative  iFlow PRO is  the world’s first portable camera dolly fills a need for professionals and enthusiasts alike as the small dolly can be easily taken to any location for smooth filming and image taking. The dolly can be used on a variety of surfaces, from curbs to railings.

iFlow Pro dolly 1

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Ernie Button’s Surreal Worlds Photography from Whisky Glass Residues

It’s one thing to enjoy single malt whisky but it is another to make art from them. Or more accurately the residue left in the glasses after the whisky is gone!

ernie button vanishing spirits_1

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iPhone and Galaxy Macro Photography Tips

iPhone and Galaxy macro photography tips to whet your appetite using the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Here we show our recommended apps and accessories for pin sharp close-up and macro photography.

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WoW Multilens Accessory for iPhone

Our smartphone cameras are handy to use when we’re not packing our dSLR or compact camera.  We carry them around all the time. So won’t it be neat to have an equally convenient lens set?

wow smartphone lens set

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Perfect Food Pairings Photography by Kyle Dreier

We all know certain food and drinks go well together. What photographer Kyle Dreier does is to take that perfect pairings concept to a playful level.

kyle dreier wine

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Wine Bottle Photography with 1 Light

An awesome wine bottle photography technique with one light. This video and post shows how to achieve your 1 light set up in a couple of minutes leaving you loads of time to add props for a polished professional result.

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iOgrapher iPad Mini Mount Makes Photography and Video Recording Easier

The iOgrapher iPad Mini Mount is a support case which promises to make photography and video capture on the small tablet a lot easier. This Kickstarter project was created by Dave Basulto, a teacher in California who saw a need for an inexpensive mount which would enable anyone with an iPad Mini take pictures and videos without the shakes!

iographer 4

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Flower Mandala Photography by Kathy Klein

Mandalas originated in India long ago.  The Sanskrit word mandala means circle.  They have a deep religious meaning in Hinduism and Buddhism. They help aspirants focus attention, aid meditation and trance induction and can also be used to create a sacred place.

kathy klein flower mandala B

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5 Fun Gifts for Photographers

A Modahaus photostudio always makes a great gift for a photographer but it is not the only suggestion.   Here are some more fun inspirations for the camera obsessed!  First up is the camera lens coffee mug!  There is a choice of  a Nikon or Canon mug. Both are available from Photojojo.

canon camera lens mug

canon camera lens mug

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