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Repix App Turns Your Photographs into Art

Repix is an exciting new iOS app which has seen more than 1.5 million downloads in just one week.  Instagram users looking for fresh ways to take photo manipulation beyond simple filters as well as photographers who want to turn their pictures into art without using Photoshop are enthusiastic early adopters!

repix main picture

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Jon Shireman’s Broken Flower Photography

Sometime in school, most of us would have seen, if not actually done it ourselves, the freezing of objects in liquid nitrogen.  Once frozen, the objects can then shatter in a most dramatic fashion if slammed down on the floor!  Fun maybe but still a destructive and not very creative thing to do.

jon shireman broken flower _orchid

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Best Camera for Product Photography Guide

Deciding on the best camera for product photography can be a bewildering choice to make with so many camera systems on the market. DSLR, Mirrorless Compact System Camera, Compact Camera, Compact Camera/Smartphone Hybrid, iPhone or other Smartphones? They can all produce great results with the right approach. Here we’ll weigh up the pros and cons of each system and offer some hot tips on how to get the best from your choice of camera system.

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3 Clever Smartphone Grips for Phoneography

Phoneography fans everywhere have a lot of choice these days in terms of accessories for their smartphones.  One such group are smartphone grips which securely hold the smartphones so they can be mounted on standard tripods.  Here are three to consider.

joby griptight smartphone mount

Joby Griptight

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One Product Photography System, A multitude of Scenes

The Modahaus product photography system is a versatile range of pro tabletop studios that offer the photographer a multitude of different scenes to set, to suit a multitude of product photography subjects. Our latest video shown here gives a glimpse of the variety of product photography lighting effects achievable with this unique kit.

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Florent Tanet’s A Colorful Winter Series with Fruits and Vegetables

It has been a very long winter for some of us.  Spring cannot come soon enough.  However, with snow still on the ground in some places, it promises to be a long wait yet for flowers in the garden.  So French photographer Florent Tanet’s A Colorful Winter collection is a welcome sight!

florent tanet_fruit vegetable photography_1

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iPhone and Samsung S3 Camera Photos published in Print


All time first? iPhone and Samsung S3 camera photography published in an upmarket jewelry magazine’s editorial. ‘Jeweller’ magazine is the official monthly journal for the Jewellery Association of Australia.

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The Handy iPhone Lens Wallet

There is no doubt smartphone cameras are getting better and better which fits in with the growing popularity of smartphone photography.  Carrying around a dedicated camera is not always possible but our smartphones are usually conveniently with us and ever ready for a quick snap or two. No wonder Instagram is such a huge hit!


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Abstract Still Life Art Photography by Nick Albertson

It takes an imaginative photographer to see the potential behind the most mundane of household items. Nick Albertson, who was born in Boston,  is one such creative artist. His still life art photography transports product photography into uncommon abstract art.

Nick Albertson-1

Rubber Bands 1

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Product Photography Lighting Guide

Product photography lighting options are plentiful these days thanks to the freedom that digital cameras now provide. Auto white balance (AWB) is so good on most recent digital cameras that almost any light source can be utilized. Here we’ll run through the main lighting options and their pros and cons.product-photography-lighting Read more…