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Giveaway – 10 Free Magazine Subscriptions from Zinio

So many of us are now using mobile devices and the majority of us are now online.  Tablets and computers are especially good for visual display. Therefore, it’s not surprising we can catch up with news and read our favorite magazines wherever we are and whenever we want.

zinio_digital photo pro

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Crystal Glass Photography Tips

Crystal glass photography has its own challenges with all those facets ready to bounce light and pick up reflections from all directions. Not disimilar to the challenges faced when shooting gemstones. Here we’ll show you a few tips on how best to capture this tricky subject.

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Jörgen Ahlström’s Fun Food Photography for Pret

The Modahaus crew loves their local Pret branch for lunch!  The delicious food offered by this chain is all freshly made from natural ingredients. Tasty sandwiches and soups just some of the food they offer.

Pret soup_rota_cups

We then couldn’t help but wonder who took all the fun food photography for Pret! Read more…

Product Photography using Black, Mid Gray and White Backgrounds

Product photography using a black, mid gray or white background are probably the three most versatile sets for many product photography subjects. All three can help define a products shape and form. Here we’ll show you some simple techniques to get the most out of your product photography using these three staple background shades. One thing these three backdrop shades should have in common is they are all neutral in color.

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The Polar Excursion Pack for Photographers on the Move

You don’t have to be into hiking or camping to appreciate the Polar Excursion Pack.  The busy urban photographer on the move to the next on site photo shoot will also find this bag a handy photo accessory.

Poler-Excursion-Pack-photographic equipment 1

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Tara DiGiovanni’s Fresh Take on Product Photography

New York based photographer, Tara DiGiovanni caught the photography bug early. She remembers taking photographs while she was growing up. By the time she was old enough, she decided to study photography at the Parson’s School of Design.

tara digiovanni cosmetics

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Jewelry Photography floating on a white background tips

Jewelry photography on a pure white background can be challenging. Employing this easy tip you can eliminate shadows, unwanted reflections and achieve that floating in mid-air look with a few simple steps. Check out the video below for the fast track on this tip!

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Thomas van Schaiks’ Product Photography

Thomas van Schaik is a Dutch photographer based in Amsterdam.  He got his start when he first picked up a camera when he was 18 .  He was lucky that he discovered his forte for studio photography while still a student at the Royal College of Art in The Hague.  Product photography is what he does best now.

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Modahaus Tabletop Photo Studio Pro TS320 Guide

The Modahaus Tabletop Studio Pro TS320 is our mid-sized, versatile and very portable tabletop photo studio.The TS320 offers a multitude of professional product photography sets in one lightweight, robust, mid sized tabletop photo studio. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a photography enthusiast you’ll find the Modahaus TS320 one of the best photo accessory investments you’ll ever make. We go in to more detail after the jump.

modahaus ts216 animation

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