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iPhone 5 accessory plate for Steady Stand SS200 and SS300

We’re pleased to reveal the Modahaus Steady Stand SS200 and SS300 are now shipping with an iPhone 5 accessory plate. This added accessory is also compatible with the Samsung Galaxy models including the SIII and many other of the larger Smartphones. The accessory plate is an anti-reflection plate that ensures that you avoid reflections of your Smartphone when shooting shiny subjects from above. Both the SS200 and SS300 will operate without these plates in position but it is recommended for reflective subjects especially if your Smartphone is not white in colour. Read more…

Card making, Classic Cars, Chickens and the Steady Stand!

There are 3 C’s in Vicki’s life – card making, classic cars and chickens. ¬†She also rears quails. Somehow she has managed to connect the Steady Stand to all three passions!

She loves making handmade cards which she currently sells to family and friends. But as she hopes to sell them at classic car shows in the future and promote them through her Facebook Page, her photographs had to improve.

Read more…

iPhone 5 Jewelry Photography versus iPhone 4S

Here we’ll show you some examples and tips for iPhone 5 jewelry photography with comparison shots with the iPhone 4S. We’re using a ‘focus stacking’ technique aided by the Camera+ App for pin sharp results.

iphone-5-banner-photo Read more…