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How to shoot jewellery using iPhone 4 and Modahaus

And is it good enough?

As a regular product photographer my usual weapon of choice is a Canon 5D MkII and being a recent convert to the iPhone 4 I was curious to find out just how good or bad the iPhone’s camera was as I’d read a lot of reviews rubbishing the camera. So what better test than to put it through its paces by shooting some Bling.

What is the answer to the ultimate question? ‘Is it good enough to present and sell jewellery online’. Let’s find out. As with any product photography a camera is only one part of the mix required to take product photos good enough to sell so, firstly let’s take you through the compact kit list.


  • iPhone 4 camera
  • Camera+ App from
  • Glif iPhone 4 tripod mount from
  • Gorillapod mini flexible tripod from local photo store.
  • 2 x Angle poise lamps from local Swedish flat pack store (lamp was called  ‘Tertial’)
  • 2 x Daylight CFL screwmount bulbs from local photo kit store
  • 2 x LED light panels from Korea Studio on ebay
  • Modahaus Desktop Studio 216 (the baby in the range) from

how to shoot jewellery with iphone 4 and modahaus table top studio

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Light painting a Venetian Carnival mask

Trip the light Fantastic! Light painting a Venetian Carnival mask whilst dancing nimbly in the dark in a few easy steps.

Adding drama to your product/still life photography with the MODAHAUS Tabletop Studio system is as easy as falling off a Gondola.

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