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Snapwire : A New Collaborative Stock Photo Marketplace

There are more photographs being taken than ever before, thanks to the digital era and smartphone cameras. So if you are looking to monetize your photographs, take a look at Snapwire, a new stock photo marketplace.  It`s not the only stock photo site out there but its collaborative feature of matching up photographers with the specific business needs of clients who are willing to pay for the images.

snapwire requests

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Recycled Wood and BioResin Jewelry and Photography

German product designer, Marcel Dunger,  is wonderfully talented and creative.  His vision of recycled jewelry includes his clever recycled wood and bioresin designs.  Ragged chunks of wood become high fashion pieces rather than being discarded.

recycled wood jewelry 1

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Wireless Charging for Mobile Devices and Cameras May Soon Be Here!

We live in an increasingly wireless environment.  Many of us access the internet and communicate with our mobile devices without having to be tethered.  Yet, we are still wired when it comes to charging up our devices.  But one company, Energous Corporation is aiming to make wireless charging for consumers a reality through their Wattup technology.

charging phone

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Tiny Felted Animal Diorama Photography

 Kristin Castenschiold and her mother, Martha are multi-talented.  They are the artists and photographers behind Heart Felt Canines. They make tiny felted animals, mostly dogs – all of which are truly overloaded with cuteness.  These miniatures are laboriously hand crafted using the needle felting technique.  What’s so astonishing is how lifelike they all are.

heart felt canines 9

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Anura : A Pocket Size Camera Drone

Camera drones are popular gadgets used to capture overhead images without having to be airborne yourself. But they are expensive, bulky to transport and often difficult to control and require a lot of additional equipment. Jason Lam, whose company AeriCam manufactures drones for film and video productions, got the idea for a lightweight and compact quadcopter drone when his view at a parade was blocked by crowds.

anura camera drone 1

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Amazing Miniature Street Diorama Art and Photography

Japanese artist Satoshi Araki creates amazingly detailed miniature street diorama art.  His attention to detail is so great that the photographs without any reference to scale can be mistaken for those of real streets.  Many of his street dioramas portray derelict scenes.

street diorama photography 7

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PhotoPhreezePhun Silicone Molds for Fun Camera, Lens and Flash Ice Cubes and Chocolates

PhotoPhreezePhun is a set of silicone molds for making fun camera, lens and flash ice cubes and sweet treats.  It is the sort of thing a keen photographer would appreciate as a gift.  The frozen or yummy camera gear inspired will be just the ticket for cooling drinks and serving at parties or simply to impress a photography client!

camera ice cube molds 1

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Concrete Camera Art by Alex Stanton

Cleveland based artist Alex Stanton is not only keen on photography but he also loves collecting vintage cameras and equipment.   He explained , “Like many collectors I find film cameras beautiful in their own right. Instead of letting them fade into the background I choose to celebrate their intimate place in our visual evolution.”

concrete cameras 1

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Two Ways to DIY Touch Screen Gloves

Winter sucks for avid photographers.  It is not fun trying to use and take smartphone pictures in the cold when you have to remove gloves or mitts just to operate the screen.  Fortunately, there are are now a number of great touch screen gloves available as you can see from this selection.  But if you already have a ton of gloves and are loathe to buy any more or prefer different styles, then check out these two DIY tips.

touch tonic

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Cut Paper Art and Photography by Morgana Wallace

Morgana Wallace is a Canadian artist who tells stories through her cut paper illustration art and photography.  She fashions whimsical and mythological scenes out of layered  and textured colored paper.   Her complex pieces are enhanced further with gauche.


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