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Air Selfie – Portable Miniature Drone Camera

Selfie sticks are so yesterday!  The Air Selfie is an incredibly small drone camera which allows you to capture epic selfies or wefies easily without the restrictions of stick versions.  The Air Selfie is designed to be portable as it is stored in its own compartment of an integrated smartphone case (Samsung Edge S7, iPhone 6 and 7).

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Leather and Felt Animal Bags by Krukrustudio

Lyuba and Max are the Russian creators  behind Krukrustudio where they specialize in making unusual bags.  Their subjects range from books , technical objects like dirigibles, airplanes and cameras to animal and even fruit and vegetables. There is no limit to their creativity! Shown here are our favorite picks from their animal section.


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Mous’ Limitless iPhone Case has Airo Shock Protection

Our phones are heavily used each day. With that usage comes the higher risk of dropping them. So if you are afraid of breaking your expensive smartphone, Mous’s Limitless iPhone cases will be of interest! These latest cases have their patent pending Airo Shock protection.

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Natural Fiber Anatomical Art by Lana Crooks

Chicago based artist and designer Lana Crooks confesses a love for “the antique, the creepy, the cute and the mysterious.” Her unusual natural fiber anatomical art distills her interest in a softly tangible way.  She uses hand dyed wool and silk to create imaginative skeletal forms. These are somewhat realistic but yet infused with an element of fantasy.


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The Shuttlecock-like Birdie Launches Go Pro Cameras into the Air

Want to take aerial photos but can’t afford a drone? The shuttlecock-like Birdie literally makes your camera fly! The Birdie is designed to launch Go Pro Cameras into the air by just throwing it skywards. The camera is set to take continuous photos or videos during its flight. 


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Black Friday 20% Off Modahaus Photo Studio | Free Photography Tips

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Rolled Paper Mosaic Art by Gunjan Aylawadi

You could say Gunjan Aylawadi has a passion for paper and pattern.  This Indian born, Australian artist makes incredibly intricate rolled paper mosaic art.  A trained computer science engineer and industrial designer, this high talented individual has exhibited her art work at various prestigious exhibitions. 

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Drone Home Security Camera and Smart Lights Technology Coming Soon

Home security cameras have taken off. Literally. Sunflower Labs is working on a new home security camera and smart lights system.  The smart lights are motion, vibration and sound sensors. When they detect unusual activity, the advanced quadcopter is automatically dispatched to capture live video of possible intruders. The home owner is notified via a phone app. The notification can be dismissed if there is nothing amiss. 


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Adorable Needle Felted Wool Sculptures by Hanna Dovhan

Ukrainian artist, Hanna Dovhan, makes the most adorable needle felted wool sculptures. Her inspirations clearly come from food and the animal world. Her avocado, cherries, mushroom and egg “lovers” sculptures are particularly delightful.


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Presli Anti Theft BackPack for Convenience and Safety

Presli, a smartly designed backpack offers a simple solution for thwarting pickpockets. This means you no longer have to wear your backpack on the front in crowded situations!  The anti-theft backpack has its zipper on the back panel making access impossible while it is worn.  The front pocket zipper is also located inside the backpack.

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