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Epic : Portable Laser Projection Keyboard

Just a couple of decades ago, we would have to haul a cartful of equipment to have what we have now in just a smartphone or a tablet. Today, it is all about portability. Need a bigger keyboard for your mobile devices when you are away from your main computer? Forget those simple folding ones. Check out the Epic from Celluon, a palm size portable laser projection keyboard.

epic keyboard 1

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Postcards for Ants Miniature Art and Photography by Lorraine Loots

One of the most challenging projects an artist can do is to create something following a theme for 365 days.  Cape Town based artist, Lorraine Loots, began her unique challenge of painting tiny pictures for every single day of 2013.  She said, “The project evolved and people started booking sentimental dates making suggestions for the painting to be done on that day. Every day, I posted the completed picture online, and unsold pieces could be reserved by commenting on the picture.”

postcards for ants main

Those paintings were exhibited in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa in January 2014 before going to their owners. She decided to continue with the project in 2014. But this time the paintings will be Cape Town themed. That is because the city was designated as World Design Capital this year.  This time round, additional postcards will also be available for sale besides the original paintings.

postcards for ants 6

Her collection is aptly named, “Postcards for Ants”.  They are all tiny as you can see from this selection of photographs from the artist’s Instagram. The macro images show different objects such as brushes, palettes, pencils, coins, ear buds and even the artist’s fingers artfully arranged to demonstrate scale.  They are all exquisite!

postcards for ants 2

postcards for ants 1

postcards for ants 7

postcards for ants 5

postcards for ants 4

365 Paintings for Ants with Lorraine Loots

All images are copyright of Lorraine Loots. Photographs used with permission.

Via Bored Panda

Collage Mo App : Helps You Create Real Life Collage Decor Art

There are all kinds of services out there to help you create art decor using your own images.  But Collage Mo takes it one step further.  The free iOS app lets you collate a set of photos from any of their template designs. The templates range from simple 4 panel designs up to 15 panel ones.  The images from your camera roll or even Facebook and Instagram accounts are simply loaded one by one by tapping on the empty spaces of the chosen template.


collage mo 1

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Graphite Pencil Miniatures by Recep Alçamli

It is not often we get to see some amazing mini art sculptures.  Working and photographing in macro scale is not easy. Recep Alçamlı, a young Turkish chemical engineering student rises to the challenge. When he is not studying or pursuing his outdoor passions like cycling, he carves and photographs graphite pencil miniatures.

graphite pencil art 1

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Heirloom : Smartphone App Helps You Digitize Old Photographs

If you have old photographs from the pre-digital era lying around in boxes, they run the risk of being misplaced and lost. The Heirloom app will help you digitize old photographs quick as snap from smartphones.  No scanners are needed as your smartphone does all the work.

heirloom app 1

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Knitted Glass Art and Photography by Carol Milne

With a name like Milne which rhymes with kiln, you could say Seattle based Carol Milne was born to be a glass artist. HEr work includes extraordinary knitted glass sculptures – beautiful and intriguing at the same time. Just how does she manipulate molten glass into such yarn like intricacies?

knitted glass sculptures carol milne 5

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Cyber Monday Deal – Tabletop Studio

Cyber Monday Deal

Cyber Monday Deal ! Free WORLDWIDE Express Delivery (worth $26/£17) on our best selling Steady Stand 300 Kit/Tabletop Studio 400 bundle! Already discounted 15% on individual product prices! Just select Free Shipping option in the checkout and we’ll automatically upgrade you to Express Delivery! Add any other additional products to your cart and they’ll also benefit from Free Express Delivery Worldwide! Perfect holiday gift for that occasional/aspiring/enthusiast/accomplished photographer in your life!

cyber monday deal

Lume Cube – External Flash for Smartphone and GoPro Cameras When You Need It

Smartphones and Gopro cameras have met our desire to have easily available cameras wherever we are and whatever we love to do. But one thing they aren’t very good at is capturing images in low light conditions. So an external flash for these gadgets would be handy to have, preferably one which is just as portable as the devices they service.

lume cube main

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Yoga Joes – Toy Soldiers Who Practice Yoga!

Dan Abramson suffered from a back injury. He found praciticing yoga beneficial so much so he went on a mission to encourage more people, especially men, to try this ancient exercise. His idea of getting the word out there was through the form of toys. His Yoga Joes are toy soldiers unexpectantly modelling well known yoga poses!

yoga joes 1

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Snapwire : A New Collaborative Stock Photo Marketplace

There are more photographs being taken than ever before, thanks to the digital era and smartphone cameras. So if you are looking to monetize your photographs, take a look at Snapwire, a new stock photo marketplace.  It`s not the only stock photo site out there but its collaborative feature of matching up photographers with the specific business needs of clients who are willing to pay for the images.

snapwire requests

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