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Unfade : Photo Scanning App also Restores Faded Images

Unfade is a useful iOS app which lets you scan old photos.  It not only digitizes them quickly but the creators have integrated a special color filter to help restore faded images. Ease of use is a major feature of this app.  That will certainly help make the task of dealing with boxes of old photos and piles of photo albums a lot quicker!

unfade photo scanning app

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Cookie Icing Art by Antolpo

There are bakers and there are master bakers. Chihiro Ogura is the master baker/artist behind Antolpo which specializes in custom sugar cookies. Her cookie icing art shows off her skill at using edible material as her artistic medium.

cookie icing art 1

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New Abstract Imagery Photocrowd Contest : Win A Modahaus Photo Studio

Another exciting photography contest has just been announced by the folks over on Photocrowd.  This time the theme is on Abstract Imagery.  The expert’s winner will be chosen by Daniela Bowker, and the crowd’s favorite will each receive a Modahaus photo studio of their choice!

Winners of the Photocrowd Table Top Still Life Photography Contest

The Photocrowd Table Top Still Life contest is over! 945 images were submitted and a staggering total of 61,625 votes were cast. The two winners in the Expert Vote and Crowd Favorite categories will each receive a Modahaus Tabletop Studio Pro TS400.

photocrowd expert choice winner

Expert 1st Prize Winner : Seow Swee Meng

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Camera Store’s Parody of Apple’s Shot on iPhone 6

In an age where smartphone photography has eclipsed dSLR and compact camera usage, a Canadian camera store chain in British Columbia, Lens and Shutter, came up with an ingenious ad. It’s a parody of Apple’s Shot on iPhone 6 campaign where beautiful iphoneographic examples by real users are shared.

parody of shot on an iphone 6 ad 1

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Felted Vegetable Art by Veselka Bulkan

Veselka Bulkan is the Munich, Germany based artist behind Little Herb Bouquet who creates whimsical felted vegetable art.  Her colorful felted carrots, radishes, onions, beets and so on all dangle from their embroidered foliage!

felted vegetable art 1

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3D Printed Pinhole Camera – A Modern Update

Pinhole cameras are the simplest of cameras. They have been around for long time. Recently, a successfully funded Kickstarter project by Pinhole Printed now brings a modern update – 3D Printed pinhole cameras.

pinhole camera 3d printed 1

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Anatomical Crochet Wire Art by Anne Mondro

Anne Mondro, an associate professor of the University of Michigan’s School of Art and Design, whose “explores the physical and emotional complexity of the human body.” Her unusual anatomical crochet wire art series is her way of expressing and investigating humanity.

crochet wire anatomical art 1

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Macro and Microscopic Mini Lenses for Smartphones and Tablet

There are already macro lenses available for smartphone and tablets. But BLIPS is different.  This set consists of two ultra thin yet affordable macro and micro lenses designed specifically for smartphones and tablets.   They are extremely portable.  There are no awkward or bulky attachments.  The lenses fix onto the mobile devices with reusable adhesive strips which allows for easy repositioning.

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Whimsical Fantasy Creatures by Katyuska Dolls

Polish husband and wife team, Kasia and Jacek Anyszkiewicz, create delightfully whimsical fantasy creatures for their Etsy store, Katyuska Dolls.  They explained, “It all starts in Kasia’s head. Then she draws, sculpts, paints and finishes. Jacek as a professional chemical engineer deals with the technical side (molding, casting).”

whimsical fantasy creatures 1

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