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Microsoft Pix Uses AI to Improve Your iPhone Photographs

There are a whole ton of photography apps available to improve your iPhone photography. But Microsoft Pix is a new app which simplifies the improvement process by using artificial intelligence (AI). This means there is no more struggling to capture good pictures, especially people-centric ones.

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New Way of Making 3D Holograms with Inkjet Printers!

The Lumi team headed by Thomas A. Baran, Matthew Hirsch and Daniel Leithinger from MIT have come up with an innovative new full color 3D holographic image capture technique using ordinary inkjet printers. The average consumer could indeed be able to DIY, for example, a holographic selfie without the need for special lenses.

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Ceramic “Inflatable” Dinosaur Art by Brett Kern

West Virginia based Brett Kern is a ceramic artist who also teaches this art form. Some of his work involves a delightful and whimsical series of ceramic “inflatable” dinosaurs including baby versions of Plesiosaurus, Carnotaurus, and T-rex.


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Lovely Avian Watercolor Art by Sillier than Sally

Sillier than Sally is the name Australian artist chose to depict her brand of “bright, fun, vivacious art and design”. This talented artist’s original mixed media and watercolor art is outstanding. Shown here are her avian watercolor art.


Australian barn owl

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Win a Modahaus Pro TS400 Photo Studio | Photocrowd’s Brand and Product Advertising Contest

Photocrowd’s got a new photo contest challenge!  The prize is a Modahaus Pro TS400 Photo Studio.  This time the challenge is to create a product photograph which depicts brand and advertising. This will be an opportunity for photographers to set just the right lighting and post processing techniques, background and scenes as if for a real advertisement.


Dunlop the grip that keeps you safe by Paul Kilczewski

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This Camera Checks for Sunscreen Coverage

Using sunscreen is a good practice to reduce sun damage. But it’s not easy to see how well we apply it or whether it’s time to reapply. Sunscreenr is a clever and compact camera which allows you to check for proper sunscreen coverage. The areas of skin which are properly protected by sunscreen show up as dark areas.  Areas which need further application appear lighter.

sunscreen camera 1

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Quilled Paper Art by Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya is a Moscow born, UK based artist who takes quilled paper art to new heights.  This paper artist draws with strips of paper, creating stunning and colorful 3D art.

quilled paper art by yulia brodskaya 7

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Peanut Caricature Art by Steve Casino

Steve Casino calls himself the Painter of Nuts for a good reason.  This artist does peanut caricature art.  His unusual choice of canvas came about because he was “looking for something unique to work on”.    When he came across a peanut which looked like him, he experimented with a self portrait.

peanut caricature art elvis

Elvis Priestley

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PowerEgg Drone can be controlled with Gesture Remote

The PowerEgg is a cutting edge drone from Powervision, packed with all sorts of technological features. The distinctly egg shaped drone is very different in looks from typical quadcopters. The landing gear and propellers are actually retractable.


This smartphone connected high tech drone can also be controlled with a beginner friendly gesture remote. The activation key has to be depressed in conjunction with gestures which eliminates unintended gestures. There is  another standard two-axis controller for more experienced drone operators. The control range is up to 5 km.

The PowerEgg drone will cost $1667 and is currently available for pre order. Shipping is expected to commence in October, 2016.

Via Endgadget

Whimsical Handmade Ceramic Art by Calaca Ceramic Art

Nastia Calaca is the Ukrainian artist behind Calaca Ceramic Art. Her whimsical handmade ceramic art is both fun and functional.  She makes unique tableware such as teapots and mugs as well as figurines. Although she says she is inspired by many things, it’s clear she loves cats, especially lazy ones!

calacaceramic art_figurines Ajpg

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