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Cut Paper Art and Photography by Morgana Wallace

Morgana Wallace is a Canadian artist who tells stories through her cut paper illustration art and photography.  She fashions whimsical and mythological scenes out of layered  and textured colored paper.   Her complex pieces are enhanced further with gauche.


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Dark Sky Finder Helps You Take Better Milky Way Photographs

Light pollution in and near cities is the bane of many a night sky photographer.  Getting well away from all that bright light is the key.  Dark Sky Finder is a useful web based app which makes finding those sweet spots easier.

dark sky finder

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Hand Painted Ants on Ceramic Art and Photography by Evelyn Bracklow

German artist Evelyn Bracklow of LA PHILIE created different beautiful porcelain china series noted for its hand painted ants on ceramic art.  Every little ant has been painted with care and precision resulting in unique and fascinating pieces.

hand painted ants ceramics 5

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Share Photos with Music on Ubersnap

There are plenty of photo sharing sites but Ubersnap offers something different.  This social media site allows users to share photos with music.  Users upload their pictures and pair it with just the right sort of music from Ubersnap’s collection to set the mood for the image.  The melodic pairing provides a greater emotional depth to the photograph. There are options to purchase music tracks, too.

ubersnap 1

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Imaginary Wooden Skeletons Recarvings Art and Photography

Maskull Lassere is a Canadian artist with a wonderful flair for the unexpected.  He came up with “recarvings” an interesting creative adventure into imagining what wooden souvenirs might really look like inside.  He conjured up imaginary wooden skeletons on one half of each souvenir, leaving the other half as depicted by the artisans themselves.

recarvings decoy duck 1

Decoy Duck Recarving

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Nixie – Wearable Drone which Flies Off Your Wrist!

Nixie is an incredible prototype camera which is both flyable and wearable. It was one of the finalists for Intel’s Make It Wearable Challenge. It’s a bold vision for the future where photographs and video films can be captured literally on the fly as the wearable drone, much like a trained falcon, can be sent into the air for unique and seamless perspectives.

nixie drone

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Clever Mimicry – Inedible Food Photography by TQ Lee

Tony Lee is a Melbourne, Australia photographer whose “art photography centers on themes of ambiguity and humor.”  One delightful project is his inedible food photography series, a clever mimicry of real food using ordinary objects like lego and other common household items. 

inedible series 1

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Navdy – Car Dashboard Projector for Heads Up Phone App Displays

We all know it is dangerous to take one’s eyes off the road to look at your mobile phone. Yet that’s what we do even with hands free GPS units. What if we could see the display right in front of us so we can concentrate on the traffic? Navdy is a a new car dashboard projector for heads up phone app displays that does just that.

navdy 2

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Toilet Paper Roll Art Mask Photography

Could something as mundane as toilet paper rolls be used as art and in photography? They definitely could be as shown by the unique toilet paper roll art mask photography of French artist Junior Fritz Jacquet in collaboration with photographer,  Matthieu Gauchet.

Camu – Awesome New Photo Editing App with Fun Features

 Camu is a new photo editing app  for iPhones with a collection of fun features making it different from the others.  In many ways, the app makes the typical and popular photography processes simpler. For example choosing its great filters requires sideways swiping and the intensity of the filter is adjusted with up and down swiping.

camu app

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